Very Disappointing Play Night....  

ladyouttaline 45F  
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4/10/2017 12:04 pm
Very Disappointing Play Night....

It seems like it's feast or famine! Some play nights are just so perfect with many hard cocks that stay hard and then other nights are 100% the opposite....I am in real need of several hard cocks at this point that can stay hard while I'm getting DP'd.

So this last Saturday night there was a total of four guys set up and one on chat. So one of 9 o clockers didn't show up or didn't even call. We had played with him once. He'll never be called back. He's not on this site, only on SLS. The other 9 o clocker showed up, but when my person told him I was on the balcony smoking a cigarette he freaked out saying he was highly allergic to cigarettes and was going home. WTF? I know some people are sensitive to cigarette smoke, but for one, I don't smoke inside and I always freshen with body spray, and it says on my profile I smoke! I guess he didn't read it very well. Then the 11 o clocker texted at 10:30 saying a female friend invited him over for the night. That's ok, I really think he freaked out, he's pretty new in the LS. Then there was the guy flying in from Denver. Was supposed to text when he landed....well he never did. Another one to the never no show list.

So I decided to get on line and see if I could find a cock to cum join in. I started talking to this guy, then he asked, "is that Ozzy guy gonna be there?" well duh, that's my person I talk about in my profile. Apparently he and y person had met once before and my person didn't feel like he'd be a good fit so he was a little pussy about it.

Oh well, my person teased me, tormented me, and fucked me so good for 7 hours. He came in my ass twice, my pussy twice. He double penetrated me using a 10" dildo in my pussy and an 8" dildo in my ass. Good thing he's reliable. And no ladies, you can't have him.

Not sure if I will get to play this Saturday night as it's that time of the month, then the next weekend we are in San Antonio. It'd be nice to fuck a Texas cock....They say everything's bigger in Texas. Let's see......

virginat60 60M
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10/5/2018 9:11 pm

I almost starting crying reading that. You poor thing.

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