legsbegs 35F  
61 posts
5/13/2017 10:31 am

whilst shopping the other day at a well known local super market .... i was looked at by a man who proceeded to follow behind looking at my bum
and making sure he could see my legs in my dress - this continued around a few aisles and he also made sure he was looking at the bottom shelves as i pushed my trolley passed therefore seeing my legs closer xxx
although i sensed i wasnt sure if he was or what to do - but i knew he was when he tried to pay at the same time as me and also watched me as i got into my car xxx

if this was you .... you should have said something - i was very turned on thinking about how you looked at me when i got into the car xxx

reply please xxx

domanipassione 55M  
8 posts
5/14/2017 4:15 am

I love shopping in Cheltenham, mainly the Whole Food Market and Waitrose. I do enjoy finding sexy women to enjoy, and if you let me know when and where you are shopping I would be delighted to join you. Equally happy to say hi, if you look as if you want that.


Stay_In_Reality 51M  
2198 posts
5/14/2017 8:13 am

In fairness to the chap, they're a great pair of legs to admire

Psapho2 55F  
1 post
5/23/2017 10:25 pm

Well I do hope you will arrange to let Anthony.

MSandTIG 59M/35F  
2 posts
5/25/2017 6:08 am

How nice of you to be kind to him and not give him a death stare like many would do! us poor men can't resist a pair of shapely legs and bum! it's not our fault! lol

IAisWorthy 50M  
81 posts
12/26/2017 6:27 am

I cannot blame him - but I do wonder - did you have bare legs or stockings of some sort?


ustwo1681 53M/53F  
7 posts
1/1/2018 10:52 am

love reading all your hot xxx

cardiffteachuni 41M

1/5/2019 3:17 pm

wow those heels are amazing begs x

Clanadonia23 38M  
49 posts
1/20/2019 11:17 am

I'm sure he wasn't the first fella do do that watching you xx

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