The Dinner....  

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3/13/2018 8:56 pm
The Dinner....

You wake up to a soft rain beating down on the windows and reflexively reach for me, groaning your dissapointment that I have left for work early. You remember me kissing you and stroking the outside of your thigh, whispering in your ear how much I always hate to leave our bed and curse softly for not waking up and taking full advantage of the last few moments before I leave. As you reach across the bed and slide your face into my pillow to smell the proof of my presence you feel a piece of paper brush your cheek. You open your eyes, happy to have a note from me as you try to focus your still sleepy eyes on the paper.

"Dinner at Fazio's; wear the little black dress that I can hardly ever wait to get you out of. You are in for extended lovemaking tonight...."

You smile to yourself, knowing what that little black dress always does to me and feel the warmth begin to spread, from the sensual thoughts in your brain; down into the flowing life in your veins.

I call you around nine, to tell you how much I look forward to tonight. I explain that I want you to think about what is going to occur later; when I get you to myself. I tell you that I am tight at the seam with just the thought of you and how much I want to ravage you completely later on. I tell you to meet me at the restaurant and to bring your patience, because it will be tested tonight.

As you are getting ready for dinner later, you find another note taped to the dress:

"I hope you are wet with the thought of me, your mind fully engaged in the ravenous hunger I feel for you."

You feel the a warm glow between your legs at the thought of me putting the note there, planning to stoke your fires at least a day ahead. As you dress you think of pleasuring yourself just once before you meet me but you know I would want you to wait. Your skin is crying out for my lips and teeth as you check one last time in the mirror, seeing the flush of excitement in full bloom on your face, you eyes smiling at the thought of what is coming.

When you arrive at the restaurant I am waiting in the parking lot, leaned against my car and smiling broadly. As I open your door and help you out I lean close and pull your chin up slightly to kiss you full and hard, my tongue finding yours as my hand holds your face lightly my other arm pulling you hard against me. You can feel the hardness of my hunger against your belly as my hand finds the full roundness of your derriere and pulls your harder against me. I kiss you deep and hard and then slide down to press my lips and teeth against the sensitive nerve endings on the side of your neck; a low growling noise in my throat.

"I am so hungry for you," I say soft and low and press harder against your neck with my lips and teeth. You feel yourself trembling with desire; all the pent up thoughts of the day rushing down and out against my body pressed so tightly against you. Suddenly I pull back from you and you see the desire burning in my eyes, my mouth curling into a full grin,

"You look good enough to eat," I say; grinning widely now as both hands wrap around you and squeeze you tightly in a full embrace. "I will have to save that for later," I whisper in your ear, my lips caressing the excited nerves around your ear, my teeth closing tightly on your ear lobe in a mock bite.

As we walk inside I pull you tight against my side, my fingers slowly teasing their way up the silky softness of your dress to just below your arm as I talk to the hostess at the door. As we follow her to our table you feel my lips on the back of your neck as I whisper, "this is a gorgeous view back here." As I pull slide into the booth we have waiting you see the grin again and notice the little laugh lines around my eyes in full force.

After they take our drink order, you feel my hand upon your exposed knee, lighly slipping my fingertips under to trace a soft pattern on the inside of your knee, trailing slowly upwards as I tell you how much I have been looking forward to this. You can see the hunger on my face, my eyes twinkling with the promise of raw sex and deep pleasure.

I lean over and kiss you softly on the lips, my searching fingers dancing up your inner thigh under the table, the heavy tablecloth screening my actions from others in the restaurant. We are in a small booth with others just across and behind as I whisper to you that I want you to take off your panties and give them to me. You look around to see how close others are, but you feel the wetness increase between your legs at the thought and you know you will follow my lead.

As you carefully maneuver them down, I whisper very close to you, "I am going to make you cum right here, right in the middle of this restaurant I am going to bring you off with my fingers and you are going to be very still and very quiet." You shake your head a little but the warm wetness suddenly flowing faster belies your protests as you glance around again, knowing you want me to do exactly what I just promised.

As you hand me the panties a moment later you realize you are already very aroused, close to the edge as you feel the smooth leather of the booth against your bare skin. I am facing you now, slightly turned in the small booth, my eyes locked upon yours as you feel my fingertips trailing lightly up your inner thighs, pausing to stroke you there; knowing the nerve endings are wildly awake and hungry for my touch. I kiss you softly then, lightly holding your face as my fingertips find the soft, wet opening between your legs. I gently and slowly pull you open, two of my fingers spreading your outer lips before my middle finger slides softly to caress and draw more wetness out, the tip of my thumb applying the silky smooth juices of your sex around the nub of your hard desire, circling it slowly; teasing you with the promise of more direct pressure when you are ready.

You feel your hips move against me and low, soft moan escapes your lips despite yourself. The wet warmth of you flows even more as you feel me ever so slightly push the tip of my finger deeper up so that the squeezing muscle there reacts even stronger. "Ask me." I say. "Ask me if you can cum yet," I whisper softly my lips forming the words as my eyes search yours for proof of your pleasure. You are suddenly closer than you thought as my fingers coax even more wetness from your depths and my thumb very lightly makes smaller circles around the hard nub of your desire.

You forget the restaurant, you forget the leather seat below your bare skin. All you can see is the hunger and desire in my eyes as you feel the first waves of pleasure begin to hit. "Please..." you mumble breathlessly, "Please..." as my thumb and fingers increase their rhythm and pressure you feel your eyes close tightly and your lips open wide. You feel the earth open slowly below as you slide off of the cliff of exquisite sensation, a slow motion avalanche of incredible orgasm shuddering out of you like a thousand stars imploding at once. You aren't sure if you are yelling and you open your eyes after to make sure you aren't but all you see is my wide smile and the eyes seeking you inside of your pleasure.

I kiss you softly again, "You're so beautiful when you lose it," I say, whispering against your still heated skin. "Just wait til I get you back home."

loneleix 58M  
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3/13/2018 9:01 pm

Some suggestions take root....

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3/14/2018 5:57 am

Very erotic....

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