Beginners Luck  

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3/27/2017 5:29 am
Beginners Luck

Turns out beginners luck is not solely reserved for things like poker and shoes, and with the recent string of cancelations it looks like we are no longer "beginners". OR maybe... just maybe... our "kink stars" did not align for us this month.

When we first joined Meelp it seemed we did not have enough weekends in a month, nor babysitters at our disposal to keep up with the date requests. I am not saying we were bombarded with requests because that would be very untrue. But, there was definitely an equal amount of requests sent and received to almost justify a 40 hour a week "work load" just to keep up with communications. At first it was a teensy bit overwhelming for someone, such as I, who is challenged with ADD. However, the excitement kept me focused.

Thankfully the idea of earning my "Lickalotapuss" badge of kink scouts continues to keep me diligent in my hunt for more pink tacos. Typically my ADD would have me loosing focus and moving on to the next project, but the 'return' or 'payback' for my efforts here is exponential of most of my endeavors in life. The opportunity to gently glide my soft tongue over and around a nice swollen clit is what keeps me coming back for more. Bottom to top and back down again while you you tease my husband's raging cock with your mouth.

So, here I am, with my Gallileo type telescope, looking out my window, watching the skies. Because, for my own peace of mind, and true to my optimistic nature, I prefer to go with the misaligned stars theory.

Beginners luck is for amateurs.....

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