married2kink 40M/43F
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3/20/2017 6:46 am

It has been exactly 38 days since I had the privilege of burying my face in a sweet smooth juicy pussy and that, my friends, is just too damn long! This fate of course is not by choice. It is not like we haven't tried to get naked with others.

In fact I have only had the pure joy of having my husband's cock buried between my wet swollen lips twice in the last 14 days.... and THAT is just sacrilegious!!!

This stupid cold continues to cycle through the members of my family throwing out cock-blocks everywhere and this girl is all pent up because of it. I need to start turning up the thermostat of seduction and get myself in a regulated state otherwise I am going to be performing like an eager and I surely do not want a 20 minute evening. In fact my husband and I recently came across a new scene on one of insanely long porn videos and made sure to take some notes as I found myself wet and moaning just watching the FFM happening. I can only imagine being part of it.

So much penetration and oral happening simultaneously there was never really anyone in a position where they were just giving. The girls in knots with the guy moving from end to end sliding his raging hard-on in any wet space he wanted. Sometimes with help from one of the girls. It was super hot and will most definitely be a scene we play again on the video and hopefully in real life . Oh how eager I am to lick and suck that clit while my husband is deep inside her. How I long to feel her tongue flicking my clit while I ride him with my legs spread nice and wide... just right for eating!

I only hope I'm not lickity split out and can hang longer than an 18 year old boy in a girls locker room.

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