curiosity killed the cat  

methuselah7 54M
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3/15/2017 9:58 am
curiosity killed the cat

They ought to rename this site for the bisexually curious because that's the recurring theme I see on the few profiles online that seem available here, if you're a man forget it!
...''I'm looking for girly action blah blah blah can't you fucking read blah blah blah.'' Isn't a lesbian site available out there?
I'm naturally inquisitive just like the cat, but these people have no time for idle chit chat, it's very frustrating and the choice is already limited.

Does conversation actually take place on here? Of the few women who have had the manners to reply its been limited to words I can count on my hands rather than whole fucking sentences and progressing on anything more than a word or sentence seems a forlorn hope.
Curiosity killed the cat and seems true of conversation on here too unless it exists in some quiet dark corner, they should rename this site AdultXXXDate for curious bisexuals who have no time for men blah

Meeeeeow ...\8

(Note: for the two women (so far) who said "why don't you fuck off if you don't like it" and then so kindly blocked me before I had a chance to reply answer is -I've fucking paid money so unless I get a fucking refund I'm staying here for better or worse & because I've paid that also entitles me to complain if I so wish)
Meeeeeeow ?*

methuselah7 54M
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3/15/2017 10:04 am


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