From ass to grass  

mindphreak 40M
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9/13/2017 12:43 pm
From ass to grass

Who am I
I just wanted to write a blog to introduce myself, and give some background on why I have a profile on here.

I am a 38 year old man living in Norway. I'm in a 13 year old relationship with a girl five years younger then me.

When this relationship started I was not really ready to start a relationship, but bam I fell right into it.

Ironically the thing that drew me into it was the amazing sex we were having.

She was the first(and only so far) girl to give me a proper blowjob that made me shoot my load into her mouth, and she let me fuck her mouth also. She didn't let my cock in very deep, but I loved the sensation of thrusting myself into her mouth and I couldn't help myself from trying to stretch the boundary for how much cock I could feed her for each thrust.

What really sold me was the anal sex...
The first time I did her from behind she asked me if I wanted to try something else. I didn't dare to believe that she wanted me to stick my dick in her ass at first, so I asked her what she meant, and yep she wanted me to force feed my fat cock into her tight asshole. She didn't have to ask twice! It wasn't the first time I put my dick in my hand and guided it towards a girls most sacred and dirty fuck hole, but it was the second, and the first time around it wouldn't have happened if I didn't lobby for it extensively. I used spit for lube and pushed gently against her, added some more spit and used more force, it wasn't going in! Evidently my cock was a litle fatter then what her sphinchter was used to surrender itself to, althought she ensured me she had had some big dick back there before. It didn't happen that time, I don't remember the first time it actually happened but I think it was later that same day (or the next day). The point is that my cock and her asshole got to know eachother very well even if their first date was a bit awkward. (If you want me to blog about the other memorable moments I have had with her asshole please shoot me a message)

If her low grade kinkyness carried forward to today the story would end here, and I wouldn't hang around on websites created to help people get laid, but sadly that is not the case. This post would make you sleep if I wrote it all in one post, so I'm gonna split it into parts. If you want to get the full lowdown, read on to part two.

BiggLala 47F  
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9/13/2017 4:35 pm

Ironically the thing that drew me into it was the amazing sex we were having.
-Regardless of the irony, this is quite common actually, and it seems she knew just how to hook you in.

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mindphreak replies on 9/13/2017 5:03 pm:
Thanks for the response!

I'm sure it's quite common, I don't think it was a conscious way of hooking me in though. She did really have a high sex drive before and even got into trouble in kindergarten for humping teddy bears. There are a lot of things that can have caused the decline in sex drive, but the giant distance between us on that front only makes it worse as there is no way to have an objective conversation about it.

I will visit the Lalaverse and poke around later, but now I should probably go to bed to try to sleep.

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