TRANSVESTITES - A guide for men who like them  

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9/26/2017 3:35 pm
TRANSVESTITES - A guide for men who like them

Please note that this is a personal view, written to answer some of the questions that are often not asked and to hopefully shed some light on a subject that few people seem to understand. Please leave your equally biased views in the appropriate panel at the end!
I have always held the belief that only a transvestite really knows how to make love to a transvestite. Only a transvestite can comprehend why he must shed the masculine image demanded by society and adopt the trappings and persona of a member of the opposite sex. From personal experience, I know that many men do not understand this very personal behavior. I hope these few words will help to uncover some of the mysteries associated with male to female transformation and assist in forming better relationships between men and transvestites.
Note that I am referring here to the dedicated transvestite, although this information would apply to many geniune transexuals too. These are the 'gurls' whom wear makeup, have a wardrobe that includes outerwear as well as lingerie and have adopted a female name.
I view crossdressing as role play with emotion. All dedicated transvestites/transexuals become emotionally absorbed into their feminine image to some extent during their dressing stage. Some men may deny it but fitting a tight bra around his chest, rolling sheer stockings up his legs and painting his face with sweet smelling lotions will change a man's personality to some degree. Many men say that they feel more relaxed. Others report a 'sweet serenity' sensation. Many confess to ultra submissive fantasies. I confess to becoming eager to play out some of the many fantasy scenarios that often disturb my sleep at night!
All will admit to an increased interest in sex, although some will find their actual role in a sexual liaision rather confusing. In their view they are not gay and yet they are not heterosexual either. Transvestites are true transgender people who deserve respect and acceptance of their unique status in society.
Once transformed, these men will then wish to project their adopted feminine persona througout any liaisons that may follow. Many trans gurls have spent a great deal of time studying the mannerisms, deportment and demeanour of real women and incorporate much of this into their roles. Most trans gurls view meetings with men as the ultimate way to experience their conception of what it is like to be a sexually active woman. To be able to model her prized clothes, flash her stocking clad legs and display her makeup skills in front of an admirer can be very exciting. Even just to sit and chat with a man can be satisfying. Check out how many TV/TS use the CAM feature on this site. Visiting men should feel free to keep their eyes on the prize, but expect to sit and chat for a while on each visit.
However, men should be aware that trans gurls have special needs. Most important is the need for acceptance. She needs reassurance that what he has attempted to do with textiles and cosmetics etc, is working and that she does in fact look sexy and desirable. Well okay, maybe as sexy and desirable as she could be given the ravages of time and a male physique! A man may need to be very tactful in his approach at this point. Totally 'over the top' praise, may be worse than no praise at all. Thankfully, most trans gurls are realistic about their appearance and a simple: "You look sexy today," or "Wow, I like your dress," will suffice as an initial introduction. Remember that if a man has transformed himself into his best possible semblance of a female, he will be mentally transformed into that role as well and be yearning for acceptance.
A male lover also needs to have patience when attempting to charm the panties off a trans gurl. She has most likely spent a great deal of time and money on achieving her current appearance and may not appreciate having her clothes torn from her body in a short time. A dedicated trans gurl will have chosen todays ensemble with care and passion and with the hope that it will impress her visitor. Therefore, she will appreciate compliments about her appearance, followed by lots of cuddles, caresses, kisses and a slow undressing. It takes me an hour to get dressed, but I know that many trans gurls take a lot longer than this. There are exceptions to this rule of course. But check first before you thrust your hand up her skirt at her door!
Real girls usually prefer to approach the sex act naked. Trans gurls generally prefer to keep some of their feminine enhancements in place. This is not surprising when you recall that it is only these enhancements that make her the 'girl' that she imagines she is. So respect her choices in this area as they can be very important to her sense of femininity.
This introduces another point of difference between real girls and trans gurls. Obviously I can't speak for all transvestites, but I know that many actually enjoy being indecently assaulted in ways that many real girls would find inappropriate or even repulsive. To have a partner sit at her feet to look up her skirt and comment about what he sees can ensure a very sexy encounter. Try this with a real girl and you may get told that you are a pervert!
Many transvestites adopt a submissive attitude upon dressing and enjoy encounters where they feel as if they are being taken advantage of and 'used' as a plaything by their visitors. This can be very rewarding for both partners, but be careful. The word submissive as it relates to females is very difficult to define. Very few real women are true submissives, just as very few men are true dominants. The same applies to trans gurls. So don't assume that your trans gurl is submissive just because she wears a dress. Beneath that cute little dress may lurk a cowgurl with intentions to ride your cock!
Tease can form a major part of the tranvestite experience. Most love to tease and titilate their partners by exposing their charms whilst watching their partners reactions. Subtlety is the key word here though. Tranvestism is about adoption of feminine etiquette and generally only prostitutes and strippers resort to a full striptease. But watch for simple things. How she accidently fails to always push that skirt hem down when she sits on the couch or forgets to crouch when she sets the video playing!
In addition to adopting the role of a female, most trans gurls will vary their role to suit their mood, interests or clothing choices. This may call for some endorsement by the male. Crossdressing is a very personal fantasy that can involve many different dimensions and expressions so men need to be adaptable in their approach. Some dress like prostitutes in order to elicit lewd comments from their visitors, others dress more conservatively as befits their age or role they wish to adopt. Many trans gurls change their role at each visit, adding an element of surprise and unpredictabilty to their appeal. She may confound you with her aloof attitude one day and lead you straight to her bed the next. Your only clue here is the way she is dressed. A transvestite dressed like a grandmother will obviously deserve more respect than one dressed like a . But you may never predict all her ever changing moods and fantasies. The only constant here is that despite her clothing and corresponding demeanour, her ultimate goal is to have her panties pulled down. So play along with her fantasy and enjoy the ride!
This brings me to one of my personal pleas. A trans gurl should never have to take her own panties off! Panties are very special to a transvestite. She has very likely chosen this particular pair to excite her partner, so will appreciate having them investigated, talked about and eventually pulled down with a certain amount of expressed excitement by her partner. If you have never pulled a pair of panties down using only your teeth, then maybe here is your chance!
A trans gurl will usually wish to keep her stockings, together with whatever holds them up, in place if possible throughout any sex acts that may develop. Her stockings greatly enhance the appearance of her legs and therefore her sense of femininity. Those gurls whom choose to wear pantyhose to meet men will need to sort their access problems out at the appropriate moment!
The trans gurl may or may not ask for her nipples to be sucked or tweeked depending on their sensitivity, but then she may insist upon her bra remaining in place. The wearing of a bra by a crossdresser often defines that fine line taken in her formulative years when she 'graduated' from a mere panty wearer to a full transvestite. Therefore, unless she is blessed with natural or implanted breasts, has sensitive nipples that she wishes sucked or tweeked, she may prefer to keep her bra in place. So check before you reach for those rear hooks!
Whatever sex acts follow will depend on the individual people involved of course, but she will still need reassurance that she is the girl in this encounter. Many men seem to assume that because she wears a dress, she wants to be fucked. This is not true! Despite the feminine garb, many trans gurls will happily reverse that assumption! Likewise, some trans gurls do not enjoy and therefore do not permit anal sex. Please respect their choices. Anal sex requires condoms, lubricant and a certain level of respect to be shown to the bottom partner. Make sure your partner is comfortable with your attempts at penetration before slamming your cock in there! Oral sex can be just as pleasurable and should be considered as a viable alternative. Of course, no gentleman worthy of the name would consider leaving the trans gurl without ensuring that her needs have been met too!

Peter12953 66M
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9/26/2017 8:58 pm

Very good advice, thank you

SCTallGuy1 47M

10/13/2017 11:06 am

Great advice, thanks for posting.

judyluvsplayin 48T
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11/23/2017 4:37 am

good info for sure, glad you posted, I could see directing people to this post

hungsailorman69 81M  
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12/24/2017 9:11 pm

You have opened my eyes to a lot of what i thought i knew.
I have always had a thing for gurls ever since i first dated one,
Gurls want to please their partner, and go out of their way
to accomplish this, I have never been pleasured by a woman
as much as i have pleasured by a gurl. well written, every man should read it.

gurlymargaret 71T

11/2/2018 8:58 am

This is a terrific guide for any man who has or will be with a gurl. I have been dressing for many years and have often told a man much the same thing about being with one of us. I have found from my point of view it is usually much more fun and than being with a man who just wants a quick BJ or fuck and run. I don't want to put the time or effort in getting dressed for that kind of a meet.. We gurls can spend hours together talking, laughing and enjoy socializing together and have a great deal of fun even without sex. The exception of course is when a real man will spend several hours with me on a real date then spend intimate time playing with each other

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1/21/2019 8:26 am

MissBee you are divine and I thankyou for inviting me to read your blog some 2 years ago, which I still visit and read and learn n enjoy You certainly delight and entice with you gorgeous sensuality, sensuous sense of being an erotically exotic gurl ty JeffX 🌹🔥😘👄👅👄👅😘🔥🌹

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