A first visit to the playspace  

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6/20/2017 12:12 pm
A first visit to the playspace

I was delighted to see you arrive and to be in such a state of anticipation. Your reaction to the play space "sweet" was what I had been hoping for. It is a place for enjoyment and pleasure above all else but as you found out it can also accommodate our kinky side.

Your welcoming kisses were tantalizing and knowing that your cunt was a hot and wet as your mouth heightened the salaciousness of those kisses, your tongue was a flicker offering more to come.

As I watched you disrobe, I feasted my eyes on your lovely body, seeing for the first time those curves that had been covered but were as pleasing to my eyes as I had envisaged them. My hands were all over your body, feeling its softness and hardness, you are truly lovely and shapely. I had seen your tits and hips, your belly and your buttocks, your arms and legs in the photos you had shared but to have them in front of me and in my hands was a wonderful aphrodisiac. It spoke of the delights to cum.

As I ordered you to stand so I could see and feel you, you were totally unabashed offering your self to me in such a shameless way as a good slut should. I was in the mood to tantalize you with the briefest of touches as it was evident from your eyes, your lips, your breathing, your erect nipples, the slight sway of your hips and the up turn of your mound that you were excited and aroused. My lips on your nipples confirmed that you were ready to be a sub given over to her lust and passion.
Your cunt was already wet not moist but wet, my fingers slid in and your pussy clenched as you tried to trust your clit up.

Not to be yet, as I told you to bend over the chair so I could spank that rounded bottom. You were a good slut asking for another slap and thanking your master for each one. As your ass grew rosy and you felt the sting of my hand you asked for more, just a brazen slut.

I watched your ass and legs as we went into the other room, such a lovely movement and enticing image. I started with the silk flogger which gave you such pleasure in its strokes and lashes. First your tits and those perky nipples, then your rounded ass in all its pinkness and then your cunt and clit which you opened up even further to get the sting on your clit. Your twat was drenched in juices that were glistening on your pussy lips and your thighs.

My fingers on your clit and my kisses on your ass got you more aroused and asking for more strokes of the silk. I was enthralled with your willing submission to me and how you embraced the sting of the flogger.

I took out the crop and started to torture your tits, you pushed them up to get more and while you cried out from how your nipples smarted from the sharp blows, you kept counting and thanking your master for them. It was provoking your lust and when I struck your ass, you pushed it up to get more. Then you felt the sear of the crop on your clit and it aroused you more and incited some wonderful cries and moans of mixed pleasure and pain.

You were so raunchy as you danced to get away from and into the subspace that this was creating. I was feeling your cunt juices coating my fingers and having your body to do my bidding.

Moving you to the table was so I could restrain you spread eagled wide open to my view, my touch, my smell and my mouth. A few more smacks to put you into the frame of mind and then I started to devour your soaking wet cunt, it saturated my mouth with such sweet juices as my sense of smell was assailed by the sweet pungent fragrance of your twat.

As I licked, sucked, nibbled, bit and pulled on your clit, I could feel you legs twitching, your back arching, your buttocks clenching, your belly thobbing, your breath getting ragged, your arms straining, your cries of passion as you convulsed into orgasm after orgasm.

My hands pulled your buttocks into so I could envelope your cunt and your clit with my mouth and then drive my fingers into you deep and you pushed back wanting more and more of my hand stuffed in your cunt. I was aroused by how unabashed and wanton your desire was to be completely filled and stretched til the whole of my hand was in your hole. You were in spasms of pleasure, crying out and screaming for more, as the waves of orgasm went through your body like electricity flowing from your toes that were arched with your legs, your hips gyrating to push in more, your back lifting off the table for more leverage, your head pirouetting as you spun from one orgasm to another.

As I moved up to lie beside you, I could feel the sheen of perspiration that was coating your back and the rest of your body in a lustrous glow. I felt your breath as you gasped through your orgasms and the intensity of the pressure on your clit and my hands twirled in your twat filling you completely.

You are so attractive when you are in the throes of passion, so voluptuous the movements of your body as you give in to your sensations and how flagrant you allow your lust to manifest itself in all your senses. It is such a turn on and such a thrill for my to explore the depths of your prurient desires and see them as they rack your body and mind in passion.

We took a break and I led you to the bed so we could have some complex skin on skin contact. As you already knew a I'm a sensualist and crave all forms of play. It was time for a less intense more languid time.
Stroking you and hold you, kissing you adds another dimension to our play. The conversation too was erotic and revealing for both of us. I like you naked physically and mentally, you are such a wonderful slut surrendering all of yourself.

. I watched you walking around like eye candy giving me a little supcon of pleasure as you are graceful and sensual in your movements. No wonder as you got back in bed I was ready to ravish you some more with my mouth glued to your clit and drinking the sweet nectar that just flows from your pussy running down your cunt lips and your ass as I greedily lap it up.

As you spread your legs further apart the folds of your pussy also opened to show their crimson hue and glistening ,juices, I stared again to finger fuck you but I knew that was not enough for my wanton wench of a slut, you groaned as I put one finger after another into your cunt. Swallowing my hand up to my nuckles and then some as you pushed and fucked my hand as I told you to. With abandon you pushed your cunt on my hand bucking and bouncing as you fucked it. Screaming and moaning answering yes to my demands of do you want more. Almost satiated you fell back on the bed and I watched you bask in the glow of being throughly fisted and fulfilled.

As we started to wind down and get ready to leave I showed you some of the goodies that we would play with in our future sessions. The rope was a turn on for you, eyes glistening as I pulled it out and slipped it over your head. As I tied you up and wrapped it around your tits you were again slipping into sub space what a delight to see how it transforms you into a lusting dirty little who wants more and more. Taking you into the swing room and suspending you even for that little way had you dripping yet again.

Our evening gave me much pleasure and satisfaction. It also portends what we will do next time. You will be tied up and suspended while I take advantage of your lovely body to flog you, spark you, crop you, put clamps on your tits and clit. We will spend more time pushing those limits but I can assure you there will also be as much pleasure for you as your reward for obeying my wishes.

We did not get to use the wand as much although as I had promised I wanted to bring it to you first and I am so glad I did. It will be there next time too. The little vibe that I pushed up into your clit will be replacing your lovely butt plug as we start on your anal training. I know you are enamoured of your little butt plug and I love seeing it tight I your ass and feeling it as I fingered and fisted hot cunt. It added to the sensations and your reactions. As we explore I know I will be delighted with your wanton sexuality.

My last thought is how wonderful you looked, smelt and felt as you left. I had your scent on my mouth and fingers to guide my dreams that night. I await the next opportunity to create some more.

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