These fake hot listings are laughable  

mtbikeguy14 57M
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8/11/2017 12:44 pm
These fake hot listings are laughable

I'm in my mid 50s', so why would a hot 27 year old from Germany be sending me winks & hot listing me? Gee!, am I that good looking that there are no bounds to women falling over themselves to meet me? It really doesn't stop there either, as you can see I use an anonomous profile pic, due to living in a small town, so these hot chicks don't care what I look like, COOL! Then there are the plants that write back during IM messages. They write in rather Vague terms, and when asked where something is in town or wherever, they say something like, "by the Starbucks", OH, that narrows it down. So I just try to keep my sense of humor, and my money.

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