neotrio 45M/42F  
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4/7/2021 11:29 pm

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4/9/2021 5:35 am


is this too short for work?? oh well. 😋😉

gardenboy321 57M  
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4/7/2021 11:34 pm

I wouldn't be complaining.

Thoughts from the Garden...

Lkn4funwith2 55M
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4/8/2021 12:00 am

The more leg you show, the better!

WyoCowboy7751 67M
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4/8/2021 4:41 am

It appears it could be bunched up a bit If Company Dress Code states , top of the knee or longer & you stand up and hits top of knee , then NO FOUL , if it is above that then Yea I agree with the OOOPS Company that I once worked with ( it was a warehouse ) if outfit Did Not fit Dress Code , then you would be sent home OFF the clock to change During the summer for some particular reason , Females were the worst offenders of the Code

Massass1963 57M  
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4/8/2021 6:57 am

LOL... few men would complain!! BUT...I suspect a LOT of women would!!
If you look sexier than the women, most get jealous and would complain about you. But, us men just get hard ons and enjoy!

jelostar2 47M/43F
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4/10/2021 5:53 am

what s happening

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