And time marches on... but apparently not  

nonobsequious 47M
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7/29/2017 8:24 pm
And time marches on... but apparently not

So I first come on here over a decade ago.. had my own profile, then made another, as a couple, when I met a woman who became my wife and she liked playing as well. Then that ended and I made this profile...

I say all that because I remember seeing certain profiles back then. And funny thing is, some of those very same profiles have the same tired pictures that they did back then... AND apparently they have not aged a!

I guess that they have found the fountain of youth or some endless loop that allows them to keep living at the same age forever. I know I have gotten older, my hair is grayer, my back hurts more, I need glasses now to read... But there must be something here in the air at Meelp that is allowing some to have youth forever!.. I just wish they would throw some of that my

How about you? seen any of this? or are you forever young too?

1badangel4u 49F
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8/4/2017 6:24 pm

This is far too common and very frustrating. Some use an old pic as bait and then have current ones there--but know you wouldn't have viewed their profile if they'd used new ones. Even more annoying is when they ONLY use old pics and then if you do have a meet & greet you see they no longer look like that. Do they think you won't notice? Maybe their personality will be so amazing that you'll be love-blind. I'm not that shallow--looks aren't everything, but if you're meeting for potential sex there has to be attraction. I post current pics, or if they are more than a year old I tell people. Of course I want to use pics that attract, but will not pretend I look the same as I did 10 yrs ago.

nonobsequious replies on 8/7/2017 5:48 am:
great point.. you want to attract someone but not have them turn around and walk away because they feel you lied to them... I remember seeing a commercial like that one time on tv, years ago. A lady was sitting at a table having dinner with a guy and something was being said about on-line dating and verifying and so on.. cause the picture she had that they guy had posted was obviously from when he was in college and now he was 60lbs heavier, at least 15 years older and not was well

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