earning more points in AFF...  

ocguy111 40M  
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9/18/2017 10:35 pm
earning more points in AFF...

As of tonight, I have zero points. I don't understand how I can waste more than 2000 points in no time. I thought I was maintaining the amount of points I have by continuing to comment on pictures and blogs. I guess I didn't do enough of it. Or is it because Meelp is actually charging us more points to chat? It's really not clear to me how much points they charge for chatting.

Anyway, I thought I'd create this blog so I can learn from how you guys do it. And of course, I also wanna share with others whatever I get out of this blog.

Thanks and hope you can share with me how you get to earn more points easily.

5t6yhn 60M  
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6/12/2018 5:54 am

A while back, it seems like I was reading an article (on/by this site) how the point system works, but that was a long time ago. Maybe it's still here somewhere.

Personally, I could really care less how many points I have. I'm not here to rack up a bunch of points, I mean, what good are they . . . . really?!

Maeri_Mi 55M
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12/22/2018 11:36 pm

It's the same as anything in life. Nothing is unlimited. You eat too much, you get fat.


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