+_+ The losers  

pal334 64M  
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5/23/2017 4:22 am

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5/25/2017 12:44 pm

+_+ The losers

The UK and peripherally the world was stunned by yet another cowardly action at The Manchester Arena last night aimed specifically at young people who were defenseless. The perpetrators are indeed losers. I won't mention them further, they don't deserve any publicity. I extend my heart felt condolences to all the victim and their families. Be strong , we do care.

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pal334 64M  
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5/23/2017 4:27 am

My condolences for your pain and loss . [image]

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Rumble59 59M  
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5/23/2017 5:16 am


Rumble in the Jungle

SimpleLatina 54F
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5/23/2017 5:43 am

I am heart broken for them. May the bastards that did it burn in hell

sweet_VM 60F  
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5/23/2017 7:44 am

Saw that on the news and I was very sad hugssssssssss V

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pocogato12 66F  
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5/23/2017 8:44 am

Very sad day in England

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kinkyfem73 45F  
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5/23/2017 11:37 am

What is this world coming to....

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misskissin 55F  
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5/23/2017 5:03 pm

So horrific....

spunkycumfun 58M/63F  
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5/25/2017 12:39 pm

Manchester is rallying round. Its two football teams, Manchester City and Manchester United have come together, like the people in Manchester, to support the victims. Solidarity!


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