+_~ He /she texted what?  

pal334 65M  
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5/24/2017 5:18 am

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+_~ He /she texted what?

Talk Radio did it to me again. They were talking about texts between spouse and partners. That "inter couple "communication has expanded from the face to face to electronic! They gave some rather funny examples. In general, the guy got the worst end, but that is fairly typical .Do you text you partner much? I do on occasion, but I do prefer face to face contact. That awful spell check seems to dive into the mix and screws everything up for me. Does the more dominant partner get carried away with texting? I have wondered, is this much close contact important, shouldn't there be a certain amount of "me time" for each partner?

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pal334 65M  
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5/24/2017 5:22 am

Texts seldom let a guy escape her span of authority [image]

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pocogato12 67F  
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5/24/2017 5:42 am

These are so F(&&^&( funny I will be laughing all morning. I hate texting

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SimpleLatina 55F
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5/24/2017 6:05 am

They are funny. I avoid them, I get too worked up and the spell check kills me

sweet_VM 61F  
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5/24/2017 6:06 am

This texting doesn't give you any me time. They can find you very easy now. Drives me nuts this spell check with the different work it comes up with. Way it goes. I like more face to face time as well. Phone even has this feature as well. Hugs V

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SassyGigi 54F  
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5/24/2017 7:26 pm

Haha! thanks for the giggles!


spunkycumfun 59M/64F  
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5/25/2017 12:45 pm

Sometimes texting makes things worse!

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