~+_ Gas fails  

pal334 64M  
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5/11/2017 3:46 am

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5/11/2017 3:52 pm

~+_ Gas fails

I mean of course fails at Gas Stations. I think that most of the drivers that visit this have to have some sort of interaction at the stations. I suppose that I should not be surprised at what I have seen over the years. Are the rules for gas stations that complicated? Do they defy logic? A potentially dangerous liquid should be handled with caution when making the transfer to your vehicle. Yet I see, literally daily people flirting with danger and trying to defy the basics of the physical laws. And on occasion I have seen other distracting behavior. Have you witnessed any "weird" stuff? Have you ever made a mistake at a Gas Station? Maybe there should be a separate certification for gas pumping? .

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pal334 64M  
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5/11/2017 3:49 am

I have been flashed at the pumps, of course, I did not complain [image]

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SimpleLatina 55F
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5/11/2017 4:58 am

They can be scary places. Sometimes it is even difficult to talk to the gas pumpers

sweet_VM 60F  
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5/11/2017 7:46 am

There are always a few idiots out at the gas station doing something stupid. Parking to far away from the pump to get gas and on the wrong side is the normal one I have found. You did find some good ones today hugs V

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pocogato12 67F  
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5/11/2017 7:50 am

You discovered some epic fails!! Parking on the wrong side of the pump or taking up si much room that no one can use the second pump is rampant around here

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5/11/2017 10:18 am

Too funny, but WHERE is the gas station with buff naked guys?

I once had trouble with a pump, gave up.in dusgust, and drove around to the other side. It wasn't until I got out of my car that I realized I had dragged the 1st nozzle with me. Had to go inside to fill out a declaration, giving all the details and I felt like a complete dunce.

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spunkycumfun 58M/64F  
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5/11/2017 12:20 pm

As i don't drive a car, I've unfortunately all these antics!

veryfunnycple64 55M/56F  
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5/13/2017 5:38 am

I've see people try to drive off with the hose still attached...but I have never seen a naked gas filler!

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