Why thank you Jamdevil1  

phoenix71rebirth 48F
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8/25/2017 9:40 pm
Why thank you Jamdevil1

This I got in response to my question "and the point you're trying to make with this conversation is?"

Go to hell Phoenix. You are so negative person and your stubbornly character will chase you out of social life. You said you are Christian and you don't represent at all and a shame to say you are Christian. Do you think you will find escape through this site for your dramatic nonsense mind disorientation ? 46 years old with two cannot get out of trauma of passed way father ! What values and moral will teach and bring up your with ? Good bye and you do not need to reply. Keep your rage for your self. That's the point I want to make from this conversation. God bless your righteous poeple Amen

Aaaah yes such an articulate 39 year old.

Now I have to decipher
1. How he gets to judge my faith and believes plus I was never Christian mascot material or claimed to be
2. Mind disorientation ... Freud and Jung ex-spurt I see
3. Chased out of social life ... hmmm but I enjoy my solo reclusive life ... I trouble no one ... but upset those who think nymphomania should be my go to for social acceptance
4. Stubbornly character ... well then I just opt to stand by my convictions if that's a character flaw .. am loving it
5. Values and morals I teach my is apparently questionable ..(because I miss my dad who recently passed away) .... but my are role models to many others
6. My rage ... me thinks he displayed that more than me.

Since he is righteous and he is sending me to Hell ... well then the world still spins on its axis unperturbed ... as I do with my choices and reasons.

Chuckling ... this site brings out the strangest characters. All in a Saturday chuckle.

Be blessed be happy everyone. You cant control others only yourself.

mynewnameok 39M  
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10/14/2017 10:57 pm

Nice calm reply, some people just dont take rejection well and if thats not the case there is nothing you can do about the small percentage of the population that are just fucking dickheads.

phoenix71rebirth 48F
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10/15/2017 10:10 am

Aye ... but that small minority are so unnecessarily irksome

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