prairiedogs73 53M/52F  
63 posts
3/17/2017 10:48 pm

Oh dear....I am on my own watching whatever I want on TV. lol....
And lo and behold....Kate and Leopold is on....have you seen it? What a totally sweet sappy rom-com. But am I showing my age when I find it charming? Do young women today want to be swept off their feet by a Prince Charming like in this movie?

PurringKitty65 53F  
36 posts
4/6/2017 5:05 pm

I think deep down every young lady wants their prince. However I find it's also harder for some because they are so independent that it's hard to find someone who they feel are compatible. Mine likes shooting guns and hanging around army bases lol

FunNewGuy1000 58M
446 posts
4/11/2017 1:57 am

LOL thanks for the heads up, purring....

its what ya get when you kiss enough frogs....

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