Never Say Never  

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6/5/2017 11:41 am
Never Say Never

I was one morning discussing with my wife about our sexual escapades, or lack there of, as we laid in bed, and I mentioned about how pretty she is. She's a big girl at over 200, but she has nice large boobs, and an ass that never stops. She's still young looking for a woman in her forties, and has such a sweet devilish attitude. While we were laying there talking I mentioned that I would love to use a large dildo on her while I lick her pussy. She told me that although she's thought about bigger she isn't having anything to do with that idea.

"What about if I get you a real one then?" I ask.

"Hell no. Why would I want that?"

"Because it would be sexy, and it would turn me on."

"Watching me getting it from someone else would turn you on?"

"I think so."

"Too bad. It's not going to happen."

I rub her stomach near her crotch, and she lays there giving of a soft moan as my hand nears her pantie clad pubes.

"It seems you like the thought though." I quip.

"It's still not going to happen."

I just smile as I get up for the day. I go to the computer, and put out an ad for large well endowed men. I am quickly swamped with replies, and I find one guy that is well over six foot tall. He is a dark black man, and he adds a picture of him holding a ruler up to his 9 inch dick. His reply is shot, but respectful. He says that he is in his thirties, single, and has the rest of his stats there. He writes that he is a professional, and a romantic that love to tease his partners in the bedroom.

I like what I read so I reply with a picture of her body without her face to see what he thinks. He quickly replies that he likes big girls. I then tell him that she's only five foot tall, and he laughs in his response telling me that he's definitely interested. We then exchange full body pictures. His response was one of admiration, and full of compliments.

I set up a meeting for mid afternoon. Then I look up at her feet away watching TV, and not having any clue as to what I am planning. I tell her that I have to run to the hardware store, and then meet the prospective guy. We sit for drinks in a local restaurant, and he seems respectful, civil, and educated. We hit it off well. I discussed my plan with him, and between us we tweaked it into something more doable before going our separate ways.

That night at bed time she wore her normal sleep shirt which barely covers her ass, and it leaves just enough of her underwear showing to tease. I lay there beside her, and slowly lift her shirt over her belly as she lays on her back. I run my fingers gently over her soft skin. Her nipples poke through the fabric showing me that she's receptive to more. So I run my fingers up her side, and circle her left breast as I lift her shirt up over it.

She lets out a soft moan, and her back arched pushing her breasts into the air. I look into her eye to see the wanting look she gives when she's horny, and I lean forward gently kissing her right beside her hard nipple. She moans louder, and I take her nipple into my mouth. Gently I begin to nibble on it while I caress her right breast.

Slowly I tease and suck her breasts letting my hand roam her body. I eventually touch her crotch, and I feel the wetness soaking through her panties combined with the heat of her lust. I just lightly touch her making her moan more urgently before I run my fingers up to her arms. I take her wrists, and lift them to the headboard. Then I tie them to it with the sash of my robe which I had hidden there.

She's surprised, but too horny to care. I keep licking, teasing, and sucking to keep her going. Then after she's writhing all over I sit up. She watches me as I get up. I smile down at her as I undress. She lays there with her shirt up behind her head, her arms tied to the bed, and her panties soaking through in the crotch.

I lean down kissing her, and I whisper, "This time it's not about what you want."

She stares at me with wonder in her eyes, and I step to the bedroom door. I flip on the lights revealing my new friend sitting in the corner. She sees him, and a look of shock and surprise comes over her. I watch him stand,and she begins to struggle against the bindings. He is quickly standing beside her looking her over.

He reaches down, and grabs her right breast gently bringing her struggling to a halt. His dark skin on her pale white flesh is an exciting contrast, and seeing him massaging her breasts turns me on immensely. She shakes her head, but he just leans down taking her hard nipple into his mouth and sucking it. She closes her eyes as he sucks her breast upward and massages her other breast. I watch him play with her nipples, and suck them alternating from one to the other. I swear I her her moan ever so quietly.

His hand slowly moves down until it's at her crotch, and then I see his fingers slip between her closed legs over her underwear. She moans a bit louder as her legs open slightly. His kissing moves up to her neck where she turns her face away from him. His fingers rub her crotch, and I see her hips beginning to rock to his rhythm.

His hand moves up after a few minutes to the waistband of her underwear as his kisses move up her neck. I watch his hand disappear inside her panties, and hear her moan as her legs open more. I look up to see his lips touch hers as they begin to kiss passionately. I look back down to see his fingers inside her underwear sliding into her pussy.

My dick is raging as I witness the sight. He fingers her for minutes as the kiss, and then he kisses his way down to her breasts sucking her nipples again. Then he kisses down over her belly, down her legs, and to her feet taking her panties down as he goes. He begin to kiss his way back up as her underwear hit the floor. Her legs open more as his mouth nears her inner thigh. Then I hear her moan wanting as his face buries into her crotch.

I'm almost ready to mess myself watching him eating my wife's pussy, and her loving it. Her hips rock up and down, and I can see that she's coming so close to orgasm from his tongue and fingers. Then I hear her.

"Fuck me." She whines in total lust.

He hears her, and stands up slowly undressing. She watches close as he peels off his clothes. A look of shocked surprise comes over her face when his hard dick pops out of his underwear into her view. He crawls between her legs as she opens them wide, and leans forward untying her wrists. Her hands dart down wrapping around his shaft. I can see the amazement in her eyes, and the lust in her soul.

She strokes him for a minute before he leans forward between her legs, and I see from behind as she grabs the bed sheets in preparation. His dick head looks so large as it presses against her vaginal opening. She whimpers as he slowly sinks it into her. I watch her labia open around his girth taking what he can give. I see the length disappear as it slips into her, and hear her moan as he stretches her open wide.

He is all the way in after a minute or two, and he just holds it in kissing her passionately. Then he slowly begins to fuck her. The room fills with her moans, and his pace gradually quickens until he is pounding it into her. My cock strains from the sight, and my lust is all I can comprehend as I watch her pussy lips holding tight to his plunging cock.

His moans are comparable to hers, and fill the room as they mix with the sounds of skin slapping and wetness. I hear her panting as his dick turns white from her orgasm as she holds him close. His mouth kisses and sucks her breasts, neck, and lips. I watch closely as his hips crash down plunging his nine inches into her repeatedly.

Then I see him slam it into her hard, and hold it deep as he moans. I look close to see his balls throbbing. She is panting and moaning. He hols it in for around a minute before he slowly fucks her deeply as they kiss. They grind together for minutes before he rolls off her, and I watch the withe cum begin to leak from her gaping pussy.

She smiles at me as she breathes heavily, and I jump right between her legs. My cock slips right into her, and I can barely feel the sides as the warm slime coat me. It's too much, and I barely get it all the way in before I cum. My entire body tenses hard, and I almost pass out from the intensity as my nuts empty into her. Then I collapse on top of her as my dick shrinks inside of her. I roll off from her, and stare at her. She looks at me smiling, and we kiss.

"That was very naughty." She says to me.

I shrug my shoulders. I see his hand wrap around her, and rub her stomach. She looks at him still smiling.

"Are you at least going to introduce yourself?" She asks him.

"You can call me anything you'd like. Just as long as you call me." He replies smiling in return.

I laugh at the cheesiness of his answer, and we all begin to laugh as we lay there in naked elation. Then I see her reach over grabbing his half hard dick, and begin admiring it.

"I told you she'd like you." I said to him.

"I'm glad because I think she's real fine herself."

"And to think wife, you told me that this will never happen."

"It didn't. You have no proof." She jokes.

"Well then," He adds. "I guess I'll just have to take you again and again until I have some proof."

"I don't like threats." She says.

I see his dick getting hard in her hand. He rolls onto his back pulling her on top of him. I watch as he sinks his dick into her once again, but this time from underneath.

"It's no threat pretty woman." He coos.

She moans as his dick fills her once more, and I watch beside them as his hands grab her ample ass making her ride him. He raises his hips as she comes down, and they fuck hard for a long time like that before she moves into the doggy position. I kiss her as he plows her from behind, and I hear her wetness sloshing as she orgasms again and again.

Her legs eventually give out from his thrusting, and she lays face down on the bed as he keeps fucking her hard. About an hour later I see him tense up, and watch as he fills her once more with his cum. She moans loud as he plunges deep filling her womb, and then before long he pulls out of her. I see his cock drip cum onto her ass as he gets off from her, and lays beside her.

I kiss her on the head as she falls asleep from exhaustion. We both cuddle up on either side of her, and fall asleep. In the morning we wake to the smell of bacon and eggs. She feels me get out of bed, and follows me down to the kitchen where our new friend is making breakfast. He dishes it up, and compliments her first thing. He is wearing my robe, and we are in our pajamas as we sit to eat.

The conversation flows freely, and the rest of the day we sit around and talk. Then when it's time for him to go we make arrangements to meet again, and trade numbers. Then as he kisses her good bye he tells her that his name is Matthew.

"I'll just call you John." She smiles. "Long John."

He laughs, and says, "Just be sure to call me."

Then we watch as he drives off, and then sit together cuddling.

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