My best online lover  

redalertcommand 55M
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6/24/2017 11:33 am
My best online lover

A lot of people have horror stories. I don't. I have a beautiful story. Her name is Candace. We met online years ago when going online was very new. I put out that I was a good man looking for a good woman, and she answered. We emailed and we spoke over the phone for months before we met. Meeting in Tempe, AZ I booked a nice motel and we had ourselves a sexual vacation. Literally four hours a day every day for a week. Plus going to movies, dinner, museums, great conversation.
We continued picking places around the country based on cost of airfares and enjoyed ourselves. She was from Michigan and I took myself to her backyard and was toured around the state.
After two years, things wore out and we amicably drifted apart with no bad feelings. I might have wanted to marry her but she was not a domestic type, and she had emotions for someone else. I was a rebound but I didn't care. I felt very lucky to have her.

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