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5/13/2017 2:01 pm
Wanna watch?

Another interest of mine, consequently to some fun and naughty users being too far for meetings in person, would be peer-to-peer camming. Anyone knows of well designed apps/programs etc. for that?

Along the same lines, I like watching, but reciprocally, it really turns me on when women like to watch. I've showered with only a garden hose attached to a ladder in a field at the request of an acquaintance of mine who really wanted to watch. She didn't say as much, but she was very insistant I shower like that naked in the field, saying she'd be in her tent and wouldn't watch (while trying to hide a naughty little smirk on on face at the same time)...

So I just played innocent and went along with it, pretending I believed her... But I knew very well she was secretly watching through her tent's window, and I was very happy. And yes, I really enjoyed her watching me. While I kept my cool, I couldn't get my clothes off quick enough. And yes, I took my sweet time washing myself so as to allow her to watch me really good. And yes, I went very slowly and gave her many angles of view, pretending all along that I was completely unaware she was watching. I got so excited at her watching me that I could't help getting a boner, which I was very happy she was seeing. Thinking in my head: Well, go right ahead, naughty girl. Look at me all you want. I really, really don't mind.

After my long shower (I must have been particularly clean because I washed myself so thoroughly everywhere, several times, so as to give lots and lots of time to watch), I put my clothes back on and we met up again. And she was blushing quite extensively, which I was very happy to see as there could not have been a clearer admission of guilt! The naughty girl! She looked real embarrassed, probably being a little stressed I had perhaps guessed she had been secretly watching me. So I didn't say anything and pretended I didn't know she'd been watching. Just to avoid making her more embarrassed. Mmm, that was so much fun and I'd love doing this sort of thing again. Even in front of a pure stranger if she was into that sort of thing too

A while ago, I had actually posted as such directly in my profile on here, that I was interested in showering in front of a pure stranger for fun, but no cigar

Anyhow, please feel free to comment or to strike a discussion

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