Baby Driver the movie  

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7/6/2017 3:11 am

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Baby Driver the movie

Saw the new violent film "Baby Driver". Some observations:

The movie is well done and very violent. Good acting especially by Jon Hamm and the new actor Ansel Elgort who plays Baby Driver.

Twenty-two years ago, while sitting in the bedroom of his North London flat, writer-director Edgar Wright had a lightning bolt of an idea. Listening to The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and specifically all five minutes and 18 seconds of their song Bellbottoms, he had a thought: this would make an amazing car-chase song. Actually, a car-chase song played into the ears of a getaway driver who can’t drive without music.

It hummed under Wright’s feet for two decades, before becoming his fifth film and his first solo outing as writer and director. It became Baby Driver; one of the most utterly original films in years.

The extraordinary thing about Baby Driver is evidenced in the first minutes of the remarkable opening sequence. As Bellbottoms kicks in and Baby (Elgort) launches into an exquisitely choreographed, full-throttle car chase set-piece, it becomes apparent that this is not a film just set to music. But a film meticulously, ambitiously laid over the bones of carefully chosen tracks. It’s as close to a car-chase opera as you’ll ever see on screen.

Jon Hamm delivers a strong and evil Buddy who is a wall street broker turned evil robber. Jamie Foxx is an intense psycho Bats, who can only be stopped from killing others by killing him. Kevin Spacey plays a very cold and obsessive mob boss with affection for his baby driver.

A riveting ride, with lots of awesome music and a driving story. If you can take violence, well worth seeing.

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7/9/2017 2:04 pm

Holy moly. Everyone I personally know (that is, in real life) has liked this film. Glad to know it is original. I think I will ask my bestie if he wants to see it with me, tonight.
PS thank you for interacting with me.

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redmustang91 replies on 7/10/2017 9:41 am:
Well worth seeing for the soundtrack alone. Interaction with pleasure...

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