Destroying healthcare  

redmustang91 60M  
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6/24/2017 5:20 am

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6/26/2017 7:29 am

Destroying healthcare

Trump care is mean and deplorable. The GOP fix is to destroy Medicaid which serves the poor, disabled and elderly. About 66% of the nursing home patients are on Medicaid.
Cutting Federal funds and dumping the problem on States and counties will mean closing the doors of hospitals and clinics. So less healthcare and more preventable death and disease. How does that improve people's lives? Making America great for morticians and cemeteries I guess.

Ok, the good news. People will wake up and realize the only system that makes sense is Medicare for everyone. No coverage disputes, minimal co-pays, and everyone is in the same insurance pool. You are covered by default, no application.

How to pay for it? Employers stop paying medical insurance premiums. Instead a 15% payroll tax for universal Medicare. Eliminate the interest deduction on income taxes, eliminate the depreciation deduction on real estate that generally appreciates. A ten percent sales tax on all goods and services sold or bartered, less a credit for all sales taxes paid to a state or local government. No more free rides for the internet purchases not taxed by the states. A twenty cent per gallon increase on all gas, diesel, cng or methane used for transportation. Raises money and discourages green house gas production. Eliminate private health insurance companies. Require all doctors to treat Medicare patients if they want to use government financed hospitals and clinics or university facilities. Single payer negotiates better pricing on drugs and medical treatment. New cures for diseases negotiate prices for treatment. Use the power of eminent domain to buy the whole drug patent if the price is too high.

We can devise a better system if we want to. The GOP is giving us a reason to do so.

KItkat1415 57F  
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6/24/2017 7:59 pm

I am sorry to say this but healthcare should not be for profit. Take the profit out of it, make it for all, then encourage people to get the cheaper preventative care rather than the more expensive ER visits and costs would drop that way.

Obama's administration was trying to get something called "stabilized pricing" in place; where all hospitals and doctors in an area agree that this service would go for X amount of money, that this test would cost X amount of money, and seeing the doctor for this would be X amount of money and then this operation would cost this X amount of money, and so on... This would make it easier for all to know how much things cost. At the moment, a pair of advil can cost anywhere from $1 for the product to $32, depending on what clinic or hospital administers it. This is a problem in itself.

Ah, I have been interested in this debate for a while and would like to see someone actually deal with it. Obama's ACA didn't deal with it all, and the AHCA will screw us all.

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redmustang91 60M  
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6/26/2017 7:29 am

If we put everyone in the same pool, we have a better chance for a fair system. I don't mind some profit, but should a surgeon make millions a year when the public paid for his education at public universities? Medicare for all would drive down the cost of medicine.

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