Healthcare reform  

redmustang91 59M  
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7/3/2017 7:32 am
Healthcare reform

The Republicans do not have a plan to reform healthcare, they have a plan to cut funding to Medicaid and give tax cuts to the rich. Cutting medical insurance to millions will lead to deaths of thousands and bankruptcies for those who cannot pay huge medical bills.

The GOP bills take away about 800 billion dollars over ten years in funding for medical care. These cuts will decrease care and hurt health care providers at every level.

Fortunately the GOP looks unlikely to agree on how to destroy US healthcare. At least four GOP senators want a meaner bill, while four GOP senators want a kinder bill. With only 52 Repubs they can only lose two and pass a bill. So no deal, and no destruction of US healthcare. Time will not help the GOP. Trump keeps doing stupid stuff and that makes destroying healthcare a really bad idea, if those GOP in Congress want to get elected again in 2018. Our medical system has problems, which the GOP will make much worse. The first rule is do no harm. The GOP proposed change is all harm all the time.

Only 17% want to ditch Obamacare for Trump doesn't care...

Eventually we need Medicare for all. Resist and fight on...

Under Trumpcare a 60 year old earning $40,000 a year would have to pay $20,000 a year for medical insurance with a $7,000 deductible. Ridiculous.

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