My Thoughts on Missionary  

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7/26/2017 7:10 pm
My Thoughts on Missionary

I was reading another blog and a lady made mention of to many men crushing the lady with their weight which is just such a huge NO NO. Not only is it not sexy, how can she possibly even get to watch it going in and out? Anyways, i wanted to share my response in that post and get your thoughts on missionary! All this talking about missionary makes me want to put on a stream tonight and show what good missionary is

I personally feel nothing compares to good missionary. It can be a savage beat down or sweet love making. It should be both

In the missionary position its absolutely critical to get the right angle of penetration. When your crushing her then there is no pressure on the clit while you are penetrating. I also think its extremely important to have her legs back. There are many good choices as to just how far back they go. If you really want her to feel it in her stomach than make her toes touch the pillow. Just be sure not to go that deep right away, as shes probably not ready for that the minute you put your dick inside her. Surely you gave her a good orgasm in your mouth before you started so you should be fine either way. One of my personal favorites is to have her put her feet on my hips which allows me to have her legs back while still supporting my own weight. You can then have a free hand to rub her clit, choke her a little (not to rough or to light) or play with her tits. Never forget the tits when your in missionary and make sure its all about her! Also don't forget to switch it up some. Not every stroke has to be the deepest or the fastest and never forget to talk sexy to her and demand she show you her pretty eyes!Lastly its never a bad idea to just drop down and suck her sweet pussy during missionary before putting it back in without warning. Also, most woman find it sexy when you make them taste their sweet pussy off of your dick,(again before putting it back in). Anyways, sorry for the rant that's just my take on good missionary sex.

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