My First Day At School  

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My First Day At School

It was my first day at school. My first day at a new school. There was a smile on my face; a confidence in my step. I knew I was better than everyone. This was old territory for me. Old school as they say. I've done this before; many times. The only difference between me and them is that I remember. I remember every single moment; every single time. I was better, stronger, wiser, smarter! So as I walked, I could see things that no one else could see.

As I was walking down an empty hall; two students were approaching me in the other direction. One of them bumped into my shoulder as he passed. Or should I say, I slammed against his shoulder as he attempted to bump me as he passed. An old game, and I have played it many times before. After they passed, I turned to them with a smile. They seemed a little surprised; not expecting my reaction. I would have loved for them to escalate this further, but they didn't. They did not get the reaction they wanted from me; fear. I turned to look around me; the hallway remained empty with only the three of us. My smile brightened as I stared at them. They looked pretty spooked by my behavior. I raised my hand with my palm facing them. Their bodies flew against the wall knocking them unconscious. I walked up to them and waved my hand over them. You shall not remember! And I went on my way.

After having been to a couple of classes; walking down a busy hallway full of students; a tall young lady with black hair passed me by with a smile. I returned the favor. I turned to view her from behind, she also turned to view me. We smiled at each other again. A very good sign, the double take; as far as attraction is concerned. But it really didn't matter; she was mine, if I wanted her.

I was late for my next class. There was a commotion going on down the hall. There were these boys picking on one of their female classmates. Calling her names. Personally I thought it was funny. But I needed to look at it from her side. It wasn't very funny. Hmmm? What should I do here? I do not want to interfere. Hmmm? Maybe I can help her help herself. I put the suggestion in her mind to haul off and slap one of them really hard in the face. His reaction was to call her bitch, and the moment he moved towards her, I put the thought in her mind to haul off and kick him very hard in the nuts. He dropped to the floor in agony; curled up into a little ball. The other boys stepped back. I put another suggestion in her mind; time for her to walk away.

To be continued . . .

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