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Bob walks up to his friend Charlie and says.
Hey Charlie! How are you doing?
Charlie pauses to send a text message.
Moments later Bob receives a text message.
Great! And you, how have you been?

Two friends are sitting at a table having a drink.
A man at another table says to his friend.
Look at those two sitting there together. Yet they're too busy texting to even have a conversation with each other.
His friend responds. Oh, they are having a conversation. They're texting each other, while they sit having a drink.

Two friends are waiting outside a bar for their other friend to arrive. They see their other friend approaching. One friend says to the other.
Look at that idiot texting while he's walking. How much do you want to bet, if I put my fist straight out in front of me his face will run right into it?
Okay 20 bucks says he'll look up before it happens!
You're on!
Their friend approaches.
Bam! Slam! Ouch!
Hey, what did you do that for?!
Because you're an idiot and I needed 20 bucks!

A man is driving down a small side street and approaches an intersection.
Approaching the intersection on a sidewalk is another man texting while he is walking.
The man driving sees that the intersection is clear and he drives through it. He receives a text message, so he looks to see who it is from.
When all of a sudden!
Bump! Bumpity bump!
What the hell was that! Felt like I ran over something! Huhhh! Hmmm!

Sally invites some of her girlfriends over for a slumber party! They are all gathered in the living room! Just laying around texting, when Sally's mom enters the room.
What are you girls doing?! Shouldn't you be having fun?! This is a slumber party! You should be telling stories and talking about boys!
Sally responds, we are mom!

A teacher and all of his students are in a classroom. The teacher and all the students are texting, when the principal comes into the classroom.
What the hell's going on in here?! Why aren't you teaching this class?!
The teacher responds, I am!

President Donald Trump is standing in front of his podium texting.
With his advisers standing in the back, one says to the other. What the hell is Trump doing?! He is supposed to be giving the state of the union address!
The other advisor responds, he is! He's tweeting it!

Brand New Key - Melanie

Chick A Boom - Daddy Sewdrop

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