Another Saturday afternoon  

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Another Saturday afternoon

  Well Its Saturday and another no show, what's wrong with people? Where did common courtesy go? I it really that hard to send a email to let us know you can't make it?
    Well anyways, I was in the kitchen when Wendy came in and put her arms around me. She said, "it doesn't look like he's gonna show" I told her she was probably right and she started kissing me with her incredibly soft lips.
I turned her around and and pulled her tight against me while I kissed and nibbled on her neck. Wendy being the little slut she is started rubbing her ass against my cock until I bit her ear lobe. She moaned kinda melted in my arms and said fuck him lets go!
    While I closed and locked the front door she took off to the back bedroom and by the time I got there she was on her back with her head hanging over the edge. She has a lover from Calif and he visited a while back, and while I was fucking her she was sucking his cock.
He started pushing deeper and deeper and I told him he was going to deep but he said she can talk it. She made a gurgling sound which I figured meant yes by the way she was pulling him towards her.
Then while I pounded her pussy I watched his cock slip al the way down her throat, I couldn't believe she took all of his skinny cock and ever since she been trying to do it to me.
Unfortunately for me I was blessed with a very thick cock and Wendy has a very small mouth. But Wendy never gives up and she just keeps trying.
    She waved me over and quickly had my shorts on the floor and my cock in her mouth. I stood there letting her do what she does best and was quickly getting hard, she put her hands on my hips and started pulling me towards her feeding my cock down her throat.
Halfway in she stopped to suck and lick my cock then she pulled on my hips until I was three quarters in and she had me stop. I could feel her tongue on the back of my cock as she pushed it out and tried to lick my balls. but big cock, small mouth made that all but impossible.  
I pulled out but she pulled on my hips slowly pushed my cock back in her mouth, it felt so good I closed my eyes and just kept pushing as her mouth then her throat squeezed my cock tighter and tighter. This time I watched it go all the way in.
Wendy started choking but she took it all, I decided it was her turn and pulled out and spun her around. With my bad knee I don't kneel so I grabbed the chair I keep in there just for times like this and started in on her clit.
I used my tongue at first then added my fingers and picked up her pink vibe. I used it and my tongue along with slipping two fingers in her hot wet pussy. I teased her for a bit then touched the tip of the vibe on her really big and hard clit.
She screamed then a stream of cum flowed from her pussy shooting over my shoulders, I quickly moved so it hit my face and drank as much if her sweet nectar as I could until it weakened.
As it weakened the stream hit my face then down my chest I yelled, look, look, look and she lifted her head just in time to watch it hit my chest. 
    She wrapped her legs around my head pulling me towards her pussy. We spent the next hour or so with my face, fingers, assorted vibrators in or around her pussy and asshole.
Half way through her hands were starting to hurt me from hitting me, the bed and anything else that got in her way every time she came. She was cumming so hard she was ether hitting, scratching, pulling my hair or ears so I got out the wrist cuffs and tied her arms down which excited her even more.
I went back to what i'd been doing except this time I put the wand on her clit and used the pink vibe on her ass. First I just rubbed the tip against her asshole then I started poking the tip of the vibe in her ass maybe an quarter inch or so then pulling it out.
Damn was turned on, I had her trying to push it up her ass every time I touched her with it. Finally I pushed it slowly in her ass until there was only the twist cap speed control showing.
I used it to slowly fuck her ass then grabbed her eight inch long very thick purple vibe and pushed it quickly in her pussy.
    She exploded in a unbelievable orgasm,I don't know how long it lasted but she was gyrating her hips fucking the two vibes while her whole body shook. Through clenched teeth she was screaming, O MY GOD, O MY GOD, her body turned red and her areolas puckered up to about a quarter their normal size. Her nipples were hard as rock and she was spraying cum everywhere along with kicking my arms.
    Unable to take anymore she popped the quick releases on the cuffs and grabbed my arms pulling herself up and wrapping her arms around me gasping for a breath, her body was shaking and she was having small orgasms.
I held her tight while she whispered in my ear, o my god, o my god, what did you do to me, o my god. I held her and softly caressed her back telling her, I got you relax and breath, its OK, I have you, relax and breath, she kept having these little orgasmic convolution.
I just held her telling her to, breath, come on take deep breaths, I'm holding you relax. 
    We sat like that for a long time until she had cooled down I asked where she was at and she said, "green light" I started kissing her and as she started heating up I stuck the wand between us and kissed her until she soaked me with her cum.
Having her sit on my lap and making her cum turns me on like crazy and today was no different.
I asked her if she wanted to feel my cock inside her and she said yes so I reached for my dick pump and five minutes later I had her legs over my shoulders and was about to fuck her.  I lined up my cock and slipped it inside her going all the way in the first stroke.
    Three quarters of the way in her eye grew huge and she went, Oooooh my god as my thickness spread her open, then I spent the next, I don't know twenty minutes fucking her slow, then fast, short strokes, long strokes, hard just pounding the hell out of her, soft, barely moving.
She was busy cumming the whole time and had the bed soaked with her cum, it was dripping on the floor, the pillow I had under her ass was soaked, my balls were soaked, and her cum was running down my legs.
    I stopped to catch my breath then pulled out and moved my cock down to her ass and started pushing in with a steady pressure, I could feel her tight back door slowly open letting me in then all of a sudden I slipped in with almost no resistance. 
Her eyes opened wide and she put her hand on my belly telling me not to move.
She started to relax and dropped her hand so I started slowly fucking her going faster then slower, harder, then softly. She had cum three or four times when I put the wand on her clit and turned it on high and started fucking her with a steady  rhythm.
    I love fucking her in the ass, I have never had a woman or man that thoroughly, completely, enjoys getting fucked in the ass. She cums when I lick her asshole she'll cum if I tickle it.
But I have to say I have never seen her cum like this before, she always cums a lot and hard but this was even better than usual, it was like a constant orgasm her cum was soaking everything and everytime she'd cum she'd push my cock out which would make her cum, then I'd line it up and push it in her ass again which would make her cum again.
She was cumming so hard she was shaking, her teeth were clenched together so tight I was worried she'd crack a tooth or something. Finally I came so hard I almost passed out. I deposited some of my cum in her ass then some on her pussy which she loves and it made her cum again.
She took the wand from me while I gasped for air and made herself cum a few more times. Finally she handed me the wand and told me to never touch her again or at least until tomorrow.

So all I can say is the idiot that couldn't get off his lazy ass missed out on a great time. 

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