The First Time We Meet  

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9/24/2017 11:06 am
The First Time We Meet

How about a nice walk on the property out to the woods. Holding hands, talking, flirting. I'll rub on your butt. You flash me. Then suddenly you strip down to nothing but some sexy panties and start posing for me. You are stunning, you give me that vixen fuck me look with eyes so tempting i barely notice your kitty is moistening those panties.

I'm throbbing. You smile and reach down and rub on it through my jeans. Your eyes never leave mine until our lips lock and your taken to a place of bliss. You give it a squeeze and whisper in my ear, "take me right here".

You turn to and grab on to a tree. Bending over enough for me to see that your slit has soaked your panties in anticipation of being stretched and filled by my now pre cum tipped pleasure cock.

Not yet. Down on my knees i slip your panties down over that amazing ass. After cresting those lima bean hips they drop to the ground. My hands ever so lightly rub on those cheeks and hips. My lips massage the back of your leg climbing higher and higher. You arch your back. Your pussy is begging to be touched. Light moans fill the air. My hand is now searching for that clam from the front as my lips search from the rear.

Finally the treasure is found. My tongue explores those wanting lips, my fingers caress that wet hot fun nub. You pinch your nipple and push your kitty harder against my face and skillful tongue.

My other hand has released my belt and un snapped my jeans. As i stand, they fall to the ground. I kiss your neck as my throbbing meat is against your cooch and clit. Your labia hugging and soaking my dick like a hotdog in a bun.

You look down and see my cock head. Your hand extends down to make sure he can find the opening to the pleasure palace. "fuck me Steve", you say. Slowly i accommodate your request. Slidding inch after inch deeper and deeper. I bottom out. You moan. We stay that way for a few seconds. I can feel your heat, your pulse, your extacy squeezing my throbbing cock.

We start the pace accelerating towards satisfaction. Faster, harder, deeper. You are loudly praying. Hands on your hips I'm pulling you harder as i fuck you senseless. You squirt a little. I beg for more.

I feel you quiver and your moans turn to screams. You are coming, "im coming baby", you scream. Squirting a little more with each penetrating thrust. I can no longer stand it. Grunting i unload my seeds in you. "oh baby, yes", you exclaim.

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