Percentages Don't Lie  

rrjunkie2017 81M  
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7/30/2017 8:12 am
Percentages Don't Lie

67% of Americans live in the 100 largest cities in the US. 80% of female profiles on this site are from cities other than the 100 largest cites in the US. What are the odd of that. About 1,000,000,000 to one or about the same as me winning the lottery. And I don't play the lottery. One town in Texas, population about 2000, has had as many as 10 profiles of beautiful 28-32 year old women at the same time.

The answer is simple. Fakes cannot meet you face to face. What are the chances a New York City fake would get a lot of responses from men in New York City. Very high. An the other hand, what are the chances a Birdwell, TX fake would get a responds from someone in Birdwell. Very low.

I know, I know. I spend way too much time on this site. But it's fun and I have nothing else to do to fill up my 20 hour days. Yes, I do sleep for a few hours each day.

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