Recent Conversation with a Fake  

rrjunkie2017 81M  
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8/21/2017 11:32 am
Recent Conversation with a Fake

Me: Never trust a woman who doesn't know her own hair color.

Her: I am doing great and thanks for asking.I am Mariam by name and what about you.?

Me: I'm doing terrible. Can't go out of the house because of the ankle thingie. Can't cruise down Main in my '74 Dodge looking for hookers. What's a guy suppose to do to fill up his time until his appearance in court.

Her: I'm Mariam by name 31 years old single with no kids and never married before, also I'm new to this dating site you're the first person i met on the dating site. I will be glad for us getting to know more and more about each other and see where it can lead us to if God Willing. I'm looking for a man who is kind, and helpful.

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