some people  

ruleher101 52M/49F
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5/7/2017 6:29 am
some people

yes we are here for hook ups,arent we all?well not really...alot are here just to play games and fuck with peoples emotions....thats ok, you will get yours.....

ruleher101 52M/49F
199 posts
5/7/2017 6:30 am

cant wait for the day your dick falls off...lmfao

funsmartfriendly 50M/49F  
2149 posts
5/7/2017 7:01 am

No, not everybody is here to meet others. Some only want to cam, some are on break from meeting anybody, some just chat, some are blog-only and so on.

We aren't here for "hook-ups" but we are here to meet people and, if everybody is in the mood, swinging can commence

Cum_Happy 106M
2265 posts
5/7/2017 7:28 am

Yes, funsmartfriendly, is right, as many as there are people, there are reasons for why we are here.
I wish you happy sailing and hope you find the ones you are wishing to find.

As for the dick falling off . . . Is that what happened to me!

(I used to ask women to tease me about my little clit-dick. Now I just do it myself! roflmao!)

I'm a bit of an exhibitionist/voyeur. I enjoy the show and tell of blogs

kwm51 68M  
49 posts
6/22/2017 2:41 am

Been here for years. Best to browse with no expectations!
Good luck, there are some good connections to be made.

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