Crazy Eddie Dead ?? That's INSANE !!!  

run4fun232 56M
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9/13/2016 8:58 pm
Crazy Eddie Dead ?? That's INSANE !!!

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BrownEyedBBW 50F  
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9/14/2016 5:00 am

Wow, I dod not know this!

I grew up with those commercials too and I think everyone assumed the spokesman was Crazy Eddie. He was really a broadcaster for one of the local sports teams.

That chain made history in two ways, First, no one had ads like that on primetime TV before Crazy Eddie. A few came close, but it was on late night TV. Also, up to then, the manufacturers set the retail price of electronics, not the retailer. He was willing to take a bath on his profit to get people in the door and make his money on volume. The manufacturers were pissed but he was moving such volume in one of the highest volume retail centers in the US that they were limited in what they could or would do.

RIP Crazy Eddie, you were a trendsetter.

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