Trying To Seduce My Lady (A Poem)  

scott6250 57M
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3/16/2017 4:41 pm
Trying To Seduce My Lady (A Poem)

Trying To Seduce My Lady

My darling when I look deeply into your gorgeous eyes
and I gently caress your delicate cheeks, sensuously kiss
your full red lips, hold you close and tight.

Huskily whisper into your delicate ear that you are my sensual,
passionate goddess of amorous delight and tell you that you are
my sweet, beautiful lady.

Whisper that you are the only one who can light the roaring fires
of passion within my heart with your wonderful, delicate, sweet,
loving and sensual caress.

And with my passionate kisses upon your cheek and my sensuous
touch upon your breast, my precious angel will it make the fires of
your lusty, love burn hotter within your heart and make you want me
to make hot, steamy love to you?

"Sweet, steamy, sensuous kisses light the bright fires of passionate lust within us." scott6250

Tmptrzz 56F  
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3/17/2017 8:10 am

This is wonderful you know how I feel about Seduction there is nothing better than being seduced by that special person in your life..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

scott6250 replies on 3/17/2017 2:15 pm:
Yes I do and you have the right feelings etc on the topic.Thanks!

author51 56F
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3/17/2017 1:55 am

Do not kid yourself.Seduction and romance is alive and well and on this site.Like you I am not jaded at all.Sad when others are jaded..

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

scott6250 replies on 3/17/2017 2:17 pm:
Judging from some of the comments I got it seems that it is dead, but in reality it's not. Have a great night my hot little strawberry redhead.

JoyJustLooking 66F  
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3/16/2017 5:12 pm

That is very flowery-----not a chance on this site------horny men have MANY lines. lol♥

scott6250 replies on 3/16/2017 5:16 pm:
I agree as far as the site goes. For me it isn't just a line. I tell my lady how I really feel about her.

papis_baby_girl 41F
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3/16/2017 5:03 pm

Oh my...

I think it just might...

nothing beats seduction.

"The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say."
-Anais Nin

"I am big, it's the pictures that got small!"
-Norma Desmond

scott6250 replies on 3/16/2017 6:58 pm:
Thank you. Have a great night.

kinkyfem73 46F

3/16/2017 5:01 pm

It sure would!

Cum visit my blog Kinkyland

scott6250 replies on 3/16/2017 5:17 pm:
Thank you my sweet lady.

scott6250 57M
23071 posts
3/16/2017 4:48 pm

Seduction is a sensuous and loving art filled with passion and desire.

"Sweet, steamy, sensuous kisses light the bright fires of passionate lust within us." scott6250

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