here we are  

secretsquirell1 49F  
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10/7/2015 6:17 pm
here we are

So... here we are! I have been i the medical field for 26 years. I have seen people pass from this earth with regrets. Not once did I ever hear a person regret living out their dreams, living on the edge, checking things off of their bucket list, and no one ever regretted having too much fun. I am a normal middle aged woman who behaved herself for 44 years to please others, pretended to be something I was not. I finally got the courage to say..WHAT THE HELL!!! I decided to live my life like everyday is my last day. I do what makes me happy. I live with purpose and intentionally check off things on MY bucket list, regardless of what others think. The new found freedom have experienced from this way of life has made me a new person, a free person, a happy person.... one who people get a smile on their face when they think of. That is a regret I will never have when I pass from this planet.....
Sincerely, Reggie

pcdumb62 58M
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10/7/2015 6:25 pm

Very well written and communicated your feelings that we all can learn from your experience, well said Reggie

hound222222 53M
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10/7/2015 6:27 pm

That's a perfect way to live your life. Everyone should be so lucky as to have figured this out. Thanks for all you do to help the people you come in contact with. You sound like an amazing lady. I hope you find whatever your looking for in life and have a lot of fun in the process. Tim

mamacita38dd 41F  
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10/7/2015 6:37 pm

Well said! And you are beautiful!

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I_giv_pleasure 56M  
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10/7/2015 6:37 pm

Very pretty lady.

Prof10001 59M
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10/8/2015 5:05 am

Wow, great perspective...both the introduction and photograph. I look forward to reading of your adventures.

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xxxchrysalis 57M
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10/18/2015 11:24 pm

That's awesome Reggie....takes a lot of courage and passion to say ..WHAT THE HELL!!! and make truly meaningful changes in ones life. This post is the first I've seen of you/your profile and you've already put a big smile on my face

dublinfun270 45M
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1/18/2016 3:09 am


Alfamail2007 64M
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7/5/2016 2:51 am

Good for you! No wonder you look so happy in your photos! And rather lovely too.... x

Jener1 40M
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3/22/2017 2:46 pm

Good for you!!!!

bbwlover82486 33M
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3/31/2017 9:08 pm

Your beauty has no eND

MDguy1960x 59M  
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6/30/2017 1:08 am

Very captivting eyes, Reggie !

Ilion13357 55M
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7/16/2017 2:33 am

Check me out.

Mchamplain10Ver2 50M  
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9/30/2019 4:27 am

Can't take it with you so you might as well enjoy life while you can. Prepare for the future but enjoy the present...anymore cliche sayings that apply? All true.

blueboomer 61M
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10/27/2019 7:19 am

well said my dear!
enjoy the moment, cause we don't know how many we have...
btw, thanks for being courageous enough to put yourself out there.

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