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Once my neighbor wanted to go out for two weeks to her native place. She had her father in law staying with them. He was about 70 years old. Some how she was not able to take him with them and was worrying about him as how he alone would stay. So she came to me to find out solution. I told her not to worry and I will look after him in her absence. He can stay in his house or even in our house if he wants to. That suggestion revealed her of her tension. Then he told me all about him like what time he gets up, when he requires tea, snacks , lunch, what he prefers in lunch and dinner etc. As we were close friends many times I use to go to her house, so her father in law was knowing me and many times even he use to join us in chatting. Then I called up my hubby and told him about it, he said I can do whatever I feel good. Then we went to her house, there she told her father in law about the arrangement, he was saying he alone will manage, but then on her insistence he agreed to stay in his house and I can give him tea , snacks, and food.
After two days my friend left for her native place, I visited her father in law to ask if he requires anything, but my friend had prepared everything for that day. So he told me, he will like to have tea early in the morning next day at about 6 am. Usually I get up at 6 am but that day I got up at 5:30am prepared tea and went to his house to give him. As my hubby was still in bet, normally he gets up at 7 am , I was in my three piece nighty which was transparent. As his house was on the same floor next to our house I didn’t change. I range the door bell, he opened the door and welcomed me. He was waiting for tea. I poured tea in the cup and gave to him, he insisted me to join with him. So I poured for me in one cup and sat on the dining table. While having tea I saw that he was eagerly looking at me as my dress was transparent. I asked him whether he would like to have biscuits, or toast with tea he said he would have biscuits. So I went to kitchen to bring biscuits. I knew he will be able to see my panty and part of my buttocks through my night gown. Then again I sat on the chair. My three piece night gown had a ribbon to tie for outer piece , and inner piece was having length just below my waist . so when I was sitting on chair my thighs were clearly visible. At the same time my bra was visible. He was constantly staring at my cleavages and thighs . I thought of teasing him more, so I spread my legs more so that pushed up my dress and he can have look at my panty directly. I kept on talking to him as if I am not aware of it, then I told him I will get some toasts for him and went in the kitchen, there I pulled my bra down so that my half of the breasts came out of the bra and pulled my panty up to expose my buttocks more. Now when I was sitting on the chair he could see my breasts up to my nipples. His hands were shaking and he was not able to speak properly. Then after having tea again I got up and went to kitchen to wash our cups. I knew that he can have full view of my buttocks as I had pulled up my panty. Then I told him I will come to his house at about 9 am with breakfast and went home.
At about 8 am my hubby left for work. I took bath and again dressed up in short skirt and low neck semi transparent top. I didn’t wore bra inside. Then i looked myself in mirror, I noticed that my nipples were clearly visible , and if I bend down my buts can be seen easily, so I wore a transparent panty of some synthetic material. Then I prepared snacks and at 9 am I went to his house. By the time he also had bathed and was waiting for me. I went to the kitchen took out two plates and started serving him snacks, while serving I was bending down, I knew he will be able to see by breasts and even nipples as I was not wearing bra, and he can see by breasts through my top as it was semi transparent. While serving some food had fallen on the floor. So I bens down to collect it, as bend down he had nice view of my bare buttocks and small panty. I knew all my actions will make him hot. While sitting I purposely sat and spread legs so that he can have see my thighs and panty. In between I got up and went to kitchen to get water, while keeping glass on the table I went closer to him and brushed my breasts on his shoulder, when he looked at me I just smiled as if it was unintentional. After having snacks I asked him whether he would like to have tea, he said he would like, but insisted I should make tea in his house. So I went to kitchen , he also followed me. I started preparing tea, I was not aware of exact location where tea powder and sugar was kept, so I had to search. I was bending and searching, he was standing behind me and was having good view of my buttocks. When I got tea container I purposely moved back and dashed on him. This has caused my buttocks getting pressed on his thighs. Then for searching sugar I sat on my toes, exposing my thighs, an as he was standing my little bending forward resulted in giving him full view of my breasts. Then we had tea and told him to come over to my place for lunch when ever he feels hungry as it wont be possible to bring all food to his house, which he agreed immediately.
Now I was in my house and I was all alone, so I decided to tease him more. So when he rang the bell at about 12 noon I removed my panty, and opened the door. The he sat on the sofa, I sat opposite to him, with spreaded legs. I knew he will be able to see my cleanly shaven pussy with little spreading of my legs. He was surprised to see my pussy and was constantly looking at it. Two three times I parted my legs more to give him good view. Then we sat on the table to have lunch, while serving lunch I was bending in front of him to show him my breasts and three four times I touched my breasts to his shoulders, this time I stood for more time with my breasts touching him. I was getting Horney and wanted his hand on my thighs. But I had to control myself as it would have been too fast. Then after lunch while cleaning table and floor I bend in front of him so he can have look at my buttocks and even he could see my pussy , and love hole and ace hole from behind. I waiting in that position thinking he will touch my pussy, and he got up from the chair and while getting up brushed his palm on my buttocks and even creased my pussy lips . I looked at him and smiled. He went and sat on sofa , I finished my kitchen work and joined him, I told him he can rest at my place and go after having afternoon tea. He agreed immediately. While talking , subject of my marriage came and he said he would like to my marriage album. I got my album and I sat next to him as I had to explain him photographs. I kept album such a way that it was half on my lap and half on his. He was sitting on my left, and I was turning pages with my right hand due to which my left breast was touching his hand frequently. While turning pages my fingers were touching his thighs. After seeing few photographs he started turning pages, due to which every time he turned page his hand was brushing my both breasts, and his fingers touching my thigh. This proved that he is also getting romantic. So I moved closer to him, now my breasts were touching his hand firmly. Now after seeing few photographs he turned page and rested his hand on my thigh. I pressed my breast on his shoulder , he was moving his fingers on my thigh, and looked at me , I smiled, and the he started moving his hand on my thigh. He creased my thigh foe few minutes, seeing no objection , he moved his hand between my legs. I spread my legs more to give him space, now his hand was moving up to my pussy. I started moving my hand on his shoulders, I took his one hand and kept on my breast and pressed it their. He started pressing my breasts with his both hands. He pressed my breasts for some time, then I pulled up my top and removed it and became topless. Immediately he caught one nipple in his finger and stared sucking other , he sucked my nipples turn by turn for some time. I pulled down my skirt and stood nude in front of him. I turned myself to show him my buttocks, he pulled me on his lap. I kept my arm around his neck so my breasts were touching his chest he again started sucking my breast at the same time his hand reached my pussy, and started pressing, pulling my pussy lips. Then he inserted his two fingers in my pussy and finger fucked me. I has orgasms twice. I kissed him passionately, then I unzipped his pant and started sucking his cock. After few minutes it got full erection. I slept on sofa he inserted his cock in my pussy and fucked me on the sofa. After fucking he was exhausted. I got up , it was almost time to take tea, so I asked him whether he would like to have tea, he said he will, so I went to kitchen and prepared tea in nude. He also joined me in kitchen. Both of us were nude, we took the tea in nude, and remained nude for an hour or so. In between he was playing with my breasts and pressing my buttocks. I enjoy getting my breasts pressed. Then I suggested him to come to stay at our house as my hubby has not having any objection and it will give more time to enjoy. He readily agreed and then we decided he will come after dinner. So while taking dinner I took out subject of his staying with us, my hubby immediately said as he wish. So that night he moved in our house. That night I had enjoyed sex with my hubby two times.
Next day morning I got up and while I was making tea old man came to kitchen and hugged me from behind, I was worried as if my hubby weaks up he will shout. But he said he ensured that hubby is sleeping, he pressed my breasts , my buttocks , creased my pussy and we kissed each other, but then I told him let us not take risk and do it when hubby goes to office. Then after that for next two weeks I had sex with old man every day till he was with me, I use to remain totally nude through out the day in front of him and he use to pull, press my breasts finger my pussy whenever I use to go close to him. I had a wonderful time with old man. Then my friend came back from her native place she thanked me for helping her. Then after that many times her father in law uc=se to come to my house telling her he is going for walk and we use to enjoy sex.

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hi nice pics n nice lucky man.. wish i wa sin ur neighbourhood or PG ..... hmm incase we can sure drop aline ill love to be connected to u... n enjoy

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lucky old man - love to be your neighbor and to enjoy fun like that w/you. nice pic wife y

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Nice Pics!

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