Mill Photos and the House that Gives Gifts  

sensualpassion72 54M/47F  
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6/11/2017 7:39 am
Mill Photos and the House that Gives Gifts

So I'm in the basement again, finishing organizing and cleaning after we finished painting and putting a floor in a room down there. I'm clearing stuff out of my closet to give me room again and I find myself debating on taking down another wall. We are going to be redoing our bathroom and putting in a whirlpool upstairs so I'm thinking of doing a full glass block shower downstairs. It would open up the exam room area.

So I look up wondering how I want to do this remodel -- if I want to -- and on a oh what's it called -- vent shaft? On top, I find this box with the word "FETISH" on it.

Our house gives us fetish presents!! The stuff I have found hidden in the rafters on top of vents, etc ( All in the basement. ) This was a $50 item. A tens unit with pads that the box show stuck on a clit and breasts. The item is all brand new, bags look to be never opened. ( Although I didn't totally remove everything from it yet. ) This makes the 3rd item!! The 2nd was a big bottle of lube. The 1st was a strap on belt with a dildo that fits over a lip dick.

I did what I do after every find -- march straight to my husband and say: "EXPLAIN YOURSELF!!" and he sits there all: "When did you get that??!" Clearly having zero knowledge. It's funny to because after the first one we looked around to see if we could find anything else hidden. We didn't.

The strap on was either his ex wife or his ex in law -- it was before me or any of my adult daughters or a roommate lived here. The lube and this toy was either my adult daughters or a roommate -- because I know I cleaned those areas and I found them after I did that. So now it's -- hmmm, WHO??!

Ed's all, "It's ours now." We already have plenty of new pads. I bought a different tens unit. It's just funny -- it's like the: "YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME" thing. We remodel and our house gives us fetish presents...

fun7110002 70M
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6/11/2017 6:33 pm

enjoy the discoverys

sensualpassion72 54M/47F  
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6/14/2017 5:00 pm

I do ---- all sorts of discoverys.

author51 56F  
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7/20/2017 9:08 am

I used to babysit in an old mill that the owners turned into a house when I was a teen similar to this one.It was spectacular and nothing like I had seen before.

My dream home has always been a log cabin on the lake where I live but a mill would be my second choice.An old church or school house third....

I wish I had been so lucky when remodeling a house I shared with an ex commonlaw.None of those gifts to be found at

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

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