The Gambler  

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The Gambler

"Princess -- " Biggs called out. "The boys are hungry. " Ms. Tress heard Biggs and came downstairs. She was expecting him to tell her to order something but after looking around at all the expressions, she became hungry herself -- for knowledge. She looked at her husband and he looked down at the floor. "I lost big tonight. " he confessed. She looked around the table and even at her submissive's around the room. Eyes would not remain on her.

"How much did he lose?" she inquired with the group. "Gentlemen don't betray the locker room, Honey. " one said as they smiled. Ms.Tress looked again to her husband and he just headed into the medical exam room and opened the toy chest. She followed in behind him, waiting for him to say something. He just opened drawers and removed items. With each one a certain heaviness entered the room. "Ed, ? " Ms. Tress used his real name. He just continued gathering and then headed into the massage room.

She followed him in there trying to pull herself together for control as her thoughts seemed to struggle for any hold on the situation. That in itself seemed to throw her off balance. She loved putting herself in situations like this and taking control of the events for outcomes of her own design. It just wasn't possible. She was concerned for Biggs and wondered what he gotten himself into now. She tried to calm herself again focusing on the toys and tools. Taking comfort in that, that it was a sign it wasn't something major.

"Remember your dream?" Biggs asked. "Which? There are so many dreams, Biggs. " "The dream about my poker game. " he replied. She eased herself back on the massage table to sit. Her legs became jelly with what he said and then she looked towards the closed door, reminding herself of who all was in attendance for this poker game and then back to Biggs. He just smoothed his hand down one of her jelly legs to wrap a restraint around her ankle and again to the other leg. "Ed. " she said as he took her shaking arm in his hand and added another restraint to her wrist. She held up her other hand to him which got him to look her in the eyes. He then let his eyes fall to the task at hand and attached another to the opposite wrist.
"I remembered what you all said in the dream and I agreed to that. " For the life of her though, she couldn't remember most of the dream. She tells him to remember them. "You should know that we let some submissives join in the games tonight. " Biggs said. "Not everyone won. " he stated. "One folded as the wagering started and he sat out. " Ms. Tress smiled, "Who?? " Ed just looked at her, "What happens in the locker room, stays in the locker room, Princess. "

"Some only get to watch. Some only get to touch. " he said. "Your fantasy of several men masturbating and cumming on you will happen tonight. " Ed continued, "Your mouth was the biggest thing fought for and it was the main prize. " He then placed his finger on her lips. She had refused to kiss him. " Your mouth above penetration. I can't say that I'm surprised but, you will be penetrated tonight. Condoms are required and its not a through to completion thing. " She thought a moment, "Does the one who won the blowjob get to penetrate me to, just curious?" He smiled, "He just gets the blowjob no other gets."

"The one that sat out made me an offer after everything was decided. He'd pay double the pot if he could have you alone after. He wanted to be the last one inside you. Some then won your cleansing, he didn't like the idea of sloppy seconds. He actually tried to negotiate being the only one inside you." She put her hand to her lips and was shaking her head at Biggs. She knew he wouldn't let her know-- WHO. He just continued, "He wants you to ride him. Then if he's not done with you yet he will put you on your back until he is finished. Anal is not a part of it. He also doesn't get the pleasure of your mouth." Ms. Tress took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. "They are all ready to restrain you if necessary. If you feel like putting up a fight tonight. I do know you like to get rough on occasion. "

And there it was. The purr, deep inside her. The deep breath that rolled her eyes back in her head. The internal-- BRING IT. As images flood her thoughts of an army ready for war with all the necessary tools and she saw the redhead in front of her walking naked to them. Having nothing; yet everything. The Taoist finally had control.

"Are you going to let me set my bag down?" she inquired to her husband. He stopped and looked up confused for a moment. "Make sure to get my camera and take a photo so it lasts longer for you. " She then smiled seeing the flame inside him light as a furnace on a cold night. "Match Two, it's about fucking time!!" she said as he kissed her lips and covered her eyes with a blindfold.

"How shall you position me? How shall we begin our game? " she said again feeling she needed to give him the advantage; feeling the odds were in her favor - still. He just stood and looked at her, smiling, thinking one thought: "How very much he loved her. " He placed his hands on her face and Ms.Tress called out, "Gentlemen, would you please join us. "

"Let's not keep the Lady waiting, " she heard Woody say. Now Woody would be a dominant. Doc, would be a dominant. In real life -- to her they are her bottoms. ( Alpha by Day, Sub by Night. ) Dom's have always been her submissives. Like wild horses -- just needing to be broken in.

There were at least 3 full submissives in the house that night. There were some there that she didn't really know whatsoever. She knew OF them from brief conversations she had with her husband while hiking. It was his group of friends to compare notes with; for second opinions and such.

Ms.Tress thought she knew who won the pot, Eagle. She teased him in ways for a long time. Always being 100% on where she was in accordance with him - to be fair. Biggs even had a Sadist friend in house tonight. And we can't forget: Big Tom. She'd know HIM even with her eyes covered. She'd know him from his GIANT STATURE. Not fat. Muscular and just, tall and thick. A giant, seriously.

She did somewhat regret the fun she had with him restrained to the cross at that one party. Keyword: Somewhat. Big Tom had made sure she wasn't around when he was put upon it. His wife though went and got Ms.Tress. She tried to recall if the little slugger was one of the objects brought into the room by Biggs or not. It was the tools she used on his balls that night. She already began to think of the future -- the next poker game to gather the girls. She was all ready to take notes and use every sense to remember all she needed to remember -- for the boys just invited her to play their game.

When the door opened though, one stood out like a sore thumb. Mr. Blackhorse. She didn't like to mix business and pleasure. Yet their business was somewhat, pleasures. She quickly dismissed his presence assuring it would just make business in the future a little more fun. She wasn't sure he was staying anyhow, he was by the stairs as if he was about to leave. A guest looking like he wished he was invited to attend the after party, but wasn't.

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