Vacation in Disguise  

sensualpassion72 54M/47F  
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4/27/2017 5:56 am
Vacation in Disguise

I'm on a vacation in disguise. It is my normal weekends. Just back to back which of course will translate into a 10 day work week after. I'm not going to think about that now though ---- giggle. I'm excited about our vacation in disguise. Its filled up with everything our vacation normally does. REMODELING. ROAD TRIP!! Usually a waterfall but that isn't slated in -- knowing us though we will go see one we pass on our road trip.

It's a cheese curd mission. ( Hopefully a mushroom one to!! ) I'd have squeaky cheese all the time back home. Here -- not so much. They aren't readily available like they are in Wisconsin. So -- we are going to get some so I get sick of them again. I'm dying for the horseradish cheesecurds. mmm. My daughters wants to make deep friend cheesecurds. ( She misses them. ) It's turning into this "yearly" thing to do. Buy tons, so we not want anymore for the rest of the year. ( They only last a few days. Expiration, wise. ) We have all sorts of things on our list to get other than cheese: Cajun bread and butter pickles to.. homemade. This year I'll skip the frog jelly. I just finished it up. ( FROG: F-ig, R-aspberry, O-range, G-inger ) It'll be a fun getaway.

The day after -- I'm even taking my baby ( now 22yrs old ) to the Cleveland Zoo. And my camera. ( And my money. I bought my favorite belt there and it's broke so I keep hoping they have another ZEBRA STRIPED BELT. ) I love quiet photographing days. ELEPHANTS HERE I COME. Mr. Sea Otter. My favorites. What are yours?

Off to work on the house. ANGUS burgers for dinner. YUUUUUUM.

sensualpassion72 54M/47F  
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4/27/2017 6:05 am

Angus burgers........ and maybe a campfire if the weather cooperates

Hunter4Head 56M  
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4/27/2017 6:15 am

I LOVE cheese curds, any "squeaky" kind, (I was born in Wisconsin, so it's in my blood, lol). Have a great time on your "vacation in disguise" .

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