Sleeping with an ex ... what is the rule?  

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10/12/2016 8:40 pm

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Sleeping with an ex ... what is the rule?

I am sure the we all been there; l know I have been in this situation before ,and I am willing to bet at least 90+/- percent of us have also been there. Yes, for some of us, sex with an ex is hard to resist. Remember, it can be complicated, emotionally charged, and fuck just usually pretty good overall.

Let's start with this premise, when the two ex'es make a decision to see each other you can be assured that both parties have weighed the possibility of sex. How could they not? Sex almost seems inevitable.

While the odds are stacked in favor of having sex, but it’s never an easy decision to follow through on! So, let's talk about what might go through our minds when assessing the sex option?

1. We've been there, done that.

Your ex is already in the “queue,” and the animalistic sex was amazing. So, you might as well just do it one (maybe two) last time(s). While some may stress about the number of people we sleep with remember you have already slept with them so an ex can alleviate the guilt of adding another name to that list.

2. You want ass.

You are horny, so what the fuck. Enjoy yourself..let loose. Capitalize on the situation. If it’s been a while since the last time, this option is even more tempting to you.

3. You hope it could bring you back together.

You might still have feelings for them, and you think one last intimate experience could remind you both of what you had together. Take this option out of your head, stop fantasizing and just delete it. Note: They are an ex for a reason.

4. You're already being emotionally reckless.

You're already putting yourself in a somewhat vulnerable spot by meeting them. It is possible you could be setting yourself up. So, you might ask yourself, “Will sleeping with him make that much more of a difference?”

5. The classic denial.

“I can totally do this now and feel nothing,” is probably the most popular and dumbest idea you can use to justify sleeping with your ex. Let us know how it works out for you! It has not worked for me.

Here is my vote. There is no right or wrong choice in this situation. Even though popular belief is to not sleep with an ex, we've all done it before.

"Only good girls keep diaries. Bad girls don’t have time.”

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