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sexloverneedsfwb 40F
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11/27/2016 12:22 pm
Profile pics

I'm curious. What is your favorite type of profile photo? Something classy and sexy or something raunchy and dirty? Why?

mc_justmc 59M  
4669 posts
11/27/2016 3:29 pm

Face pic!

BrownEyedBBW 50F  
8861 posts
11/27/2016 3:50 pm

Something classy and sexy. I don't want to see raunchy and dirty unless we've had or are about to have sex.

Do you know what raunchy and dirty is from someone who doesn't turn you on? Just plain gross.

Jener1 39M
24 posts
2/10/2017 12:33 pm

Classy and sexy. I don't need to see everything right at once. I prefer the build up.

gardenboy321 55M  
40317 posts
2/12/2017 2:42 pm

I prefer classy, and my all-time favorite includes a bit of sensual lips... the ones on top. lol

Thoughts from the Garden...

gardenboy321 55M  
40317 posts
2/12/2017 2:43 pm

What do you prefer in a male photo?

Thoughts from the Garden...

Erotiktymze 55M  
1 post
2/14/2017 11:58 am

Something tasteful and naughty will always capture my attention... tho the lady on the street absolutely must have that sexual Vixen in the sheets photo in her profile to show her wild side. A tease to tempt you into bringing that inner slut out of her...

Singlerider00 on Kik

Keppel37 50M
3475 posts
4/18/2017 10:10 am

I think you got it just about right, classy with a hint of naughty


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