Fucked by a Gang of 3 Yesterday  

sissy_ashley 32T
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8/5/2017 11:24 pm
Fucked by a Gang of 3 Yesterday

Yes, I know 3 is not that many but it was fun.

So I wanted to see if I could meet some new people to add to my "fuck buddy list." I wrote that previous post last week to see who would reply.

I know by now that most people who reply either never show up or show up and just stay in their car and leave. Why I do not know.

I was talking to Dan from Dallas and he said hat he was coming to SA over the weekend with 2 friends.

He sent me a picture. He was a chubby white guy in his 50s. I love chubbys. He also had a cock that was nice and large.

He said that he would pay for the hotel and that he and his friends were coming on Friday. He wanted me in the hotel so that he and his friends could just come in and fuck.

Oh my goodness did they ever. I soon as I opened the door. The threw me on the bed. One of them forced me on my belly and started fucking me while the other one shoved his cock in my mouth.

I spend all afternoon Friday being used and torn apart. In the bed keeping one of them busy (missionary my favorite position) while the others watched TV. They took turns all afternoon.

I was not allowed to say a word. I was just there for my holes to be used.

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