Abigail's Nights 10  

sonnyboytuff 37M
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7/25/2017 6:45 pm
Abigail's Nights 10

I find myself once again on this couch
Revealing dirty laundry
Airing it out
Wondering how I would be if I was chained to a house
She stared back, her eyes wide with anticipation
Open to suggestions? Open to communication
So we began with my cross examination
"So, what's wrong?" She inquired
"Me." Said with indignation
"We talked about this before."
In her core, I sensed no hesitation
She stood and stepped to me
The Goddess herself Im facing
My heart started racing
"You tell me of the women you've been chasing."
"Could it be that its just you're not being patient."
"You stare at my eyes, even though I wear this dress."
"For your advances, I've been waiting
While we've been wading through your stress."
My visions fading as I reach out and confess

I found you to tell you I'm sorry-Im sorry
I know thats old like Atari-Im sorry
You have good reason to harm me-Im sorry
You had reason to walk away when you saw me

I've seen you and you're good so I'm leaving
Wondering if you would be free for the weekend
The last time we spoke, I told you about Teagan
She's here at the edge and she's waiting for me
I need you to fulfill what Im seeking
Come to me by my side, we stop
We can reach the light
Stop all this creeping
Do everything right so
we can keep speaking
Nights, all three of us Vegas fight night drinking
Spend Friday nights somewhere hyped like Greece
And other Friday nights we practice tight night sleeping
The three of us tight knit nothing can slice
Right between us
You a goddess too like my Athena
When you gave in to me you holler like you're Xena
The way you laugh, one might think you're a singer
I'm the current champ in this arena

Abigail's cunning, she knows how I feel
She knows the reason I took the red pill

She took off her glasses and stepped into me
I caught her fragrance in the incoming breeze
Her window was open
My back her hands stroking
Her left leg lifting
Wishing to wrap around me
My hands found her bra strap
Im hard as a ball bat
I needed her to fall back
What do you call that?
She's unzipping me
And she can feel why im all that

How...can I begin this?
Abigail excuses herself
We were both witness
To the end of a friendship
The beginning of our adventures
She rode it again, simply...just to cement it
We are the center, we must never end it
Her nights are relentless
My newest wife out of sight
Left the cold for the light
Left the loneliness of life
Forever Abigail's Night.

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