Sunday story time  

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5/7/2017 1:45 pm
Sunday story time

So finally I have the ending part of the camping trip. I will tell you a funny story. I am working nights right now and remembered that I needed to do this about an hour before quitting time. That might explain the brevity of todays post. I am still looking for story ideas. However enjoy todays final chapter.

After the spectacular blowjob in the tent they had dozed and listened to the sound of the falling rain. They were warm and snug in the tent and were quite happy. It was later towards evening that the rain quit and left the camp site with that wonderful scent of wet forest. They both emerged from the tent and took deep breaths and filled their lungs with the moist air.

The smiled and just sort of drifted around the camp site. There was really nothing immediate for them to do and after being cooped up in the tent they just needed to wander and stretch their legs. The weather had cleared and left the last few rays of the sun beating down on them. Snapping them out of the stupor was the sudden need to find kindling and a way to start the fire. They could eat over the propane stove but sitting without a source of heat and light into the night was dismal. They both went searching together.

At least they knew that much of bush craft. He remembered reading about the people who went missing from campsites each year because they split up and got disoriented in the big trees. He had thrown on a pair of old sweat pants and boots. Knowing how much it rained they felt that this trip might be a quick one before the sun left them in the dark for sure. He had strapped a headlight flashlight to himself before they left.

She still wore his old flannel shirt and just tied it under her breasts. The sweat pants she wore were old and the elastic was shot to shit. As a result every second step it seemed she stopped and hitched them up over her fine derriere. They had gone maybe twenty five yards from camp when they stumbled onto a small cache of twigs and small branches. It was seemingly dry and was mostly because it was tucked back under a couple of logs in a depression in the earth.

The geography made it impossible for him to reach under and get to the kindling. She could however lay down on her belly over the twin trunks and reach as far as she could to get at the small collection of twigs. She could only move a small handful at a time and wiggled and writhed getting to it. All that did was ease her out of her sweat pants and his cock swelled as her naked ass was revealed to his eyes,

Handful after handful of tinder came out of the hiding place. She never knew what was going on until he was pressing against her. His cock speared into her quickly. She was pinned there like a mounted butterfly by his hardness. Her nose smelled the fresh wet earth and her own excitement. His hands gripped and dug into the soft flesh of her hips and pulled her luscious ass back against his rampant cock. Over and over he drove into her, he was like some sort of wild animal as he rutted against her.

His fingers pinched and lifted her hips to give him the best angle to fuck his cock into her. She could feel a sudden ease with which her body took him and knew he had found her sweet spot. Over and over his cock crashed against her and the thick grown scraped along her g-spot. The first orgasm hit her from nowhere and she cried out. Her body clenched on the invading cock and she went rigid. He didn’t even slow down. Again and again he fucked himself into her.

Soon orgasms started to pile up for her and she thrashed her body on the logs. It was so good and so overwhelming at the same time. Her body only cared about the pleasure that his cock was giving her and she pushed back against it. Finally with an animalistic grunt he thrust deep inside her and she could feel him unloading inside her. It was like lava pouring into her. She was sure that his cum would have scalded her had it been anywhere but inside her.

She could feel his cock slide out of her and by the time she had wriggled around to look at him he had bent to pull up his sweats and give her a look that said “if you are going to wiggle that ass around prepare to get fucked.”

What she was not prepared for was finding out later that she had scraped her cleavage and breast all to shit on the logs. She knew that she would have to skip the gym and plunging necklines for a couple of weeks so as not to have to explain the scrapes on her body. Instead she kept them for her eyes only so she could remember his animalistic fucking in the woods.

wickedeasy 70F  
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5/7/2017 3:01 pm

and here I was expecting a crazed animal to come lunging out at her from the backend of a cleverly hidden boar tunnel.

You cannot conceive the many without the one.

japaneseass 52F  
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5/8/2017 10:43 am

uncle spider...your writing is much better than the boring lame romance novel...i think i am gonna stop paying for them...and just stick to your stories...

spiderj72 47M  
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5/9/2017 5:41 am

    Quoting wickedeasy:
    and here I was expecting a crazed animal to come lunging out at her from the backend of a cleverly hidden boar tunnel.
so many words in that sentence describe an encounter with me "crazed animal" "backend" "tunnel" and unfortunately "Boar" but only cause I root around and root around in there lol

spiderj72 47M  
7900 posts
5/9/2017 5:43 am

    Quoting japaneseass:
    uncle spider...your writing is much better than the boring lame romance novel...i think i am gonna stop paying for them...and just stick to your stories...
thanks my dear. I have to say between your eye for naked flesh and my words we could corner a new market out there. thank you ever so much, you have no idea how much I have enjoyed your posts.

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