Even older ladies like it...  

spwildbill77 61M  
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7/26/2017 1:42 pm
Even older ladies like it...

I was at Thee Love Shack a few years ago when I noticed this couple going in to the theater. Grey haired but nicely dressed..he in a resort casual outfit that would have been better in Hawaii, and she a simple jersey dress. They went into the video section and browsed around. Before long, another older couple arrived and they met up. I think this was a planned meeting of friends as they knew each other. The women were probably 65 or possibly even older (70??) and the men a little older yet. When they proceeded to go upstairs to the movies, my curiosity was peeked. I waited a few minutes and then paid my way up there. I looked around and did not see them. Then I knew they were in the couples room. After awhile, Hawaii guy came out of the room and stood by the door as the door was somewhat ajar. I could see into the room and realized there were at least 5 guys in there with them. I walked toward the door, and Hawaii told me, no going in if you just want to watch. I said I wanted to play - ok then. As I went in, I saw one woman on all fours atop this little bench that had been moved to the center of the room. Three guys were around her head, cocks out and she was licking and sucking them. Her bare ass was exposed to the wind. The other lady was flat on her back on one of the wall benches, being fucked my some real young guy. An older guy, whom I believe to be the guy that came in with the woman being fucked, was very friendly and talkative. He walked over to the all fours woman and placed his hand on her ass. Nice ass, don't you think? He reached down and his fingers spread her pussy lips. Nice pussy, don't you think? You want to fuck it? Go ahead. Well, sure, so I dropped trou and stepped up behind her and rubbed my cock against her slit. Then I pushed it in and heard her moan a little. She started to rock back and forth against my cock as I stroked into her. It was tight, wet, warm...and if she had had a mask on, I swear it felt like a twenty year old. She may not have had the best body in the world, but man, her pussy was sweet and she seemed to love it. I realized age has nothing to do with it - it is all attitude. This woman really liked her sex, and nothing was stopping her. I continued to stroke into her, enjoying the delicious feeling and delighted by her moans of satisfaction. The guys at her face were cumming in her mouth and on her face. When I pulled out of her, she called out "next".

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