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7/26/2017 7:41 am
Holiday visitors

You never know what you might find in an adult theater and each theater venue is different. There is one venue in Tampa called The Playhouse. It is an older theater and once had been one of best places to go, long before Fantasyland was opened. It used to have two large high ceiling, dark theaters with rows and rows of couch seating. One side showed straight porn and the other side showed gay porn. The gay side has been redone and the theater is no longer there, but, I digress.

Heading into the straight side one Friday night, I noticed a couple standing against the back wall. It was hard not to notice them - a big burly, teddy bear of a man with a short, cute, busty, blond. They were about 40-ish and the blond made you drool to look at her. She had on a denim mini skirt and a halter top that used an American flag motif. She was quite well endowed and the halter top could barely contain her femininity. Guys stood near them, looking for a sign that they were there to play. The guy just stood there while the woman acted all flirty. She let the guys run their hands up her skirt but nothing more. I figured that was hot enough, so I approached them. Now I got it...they wanted to play but were worried about playing in the theater. They had a motel room nearby and if I would help them with the cost of the room, I could play with her. That's almost like hooking which is a big no-no, but she was so hot looking that I decided to give it a go. We left the theater and went to the motel room. She went into the bathroom and the guy talked with me. They were from North Carolina. They liked to play but because of her prominent job, they never played in their home town - so, they take road trips to get away so she can behave like a slut. They travel every holiday weekend. This was President's day - I guess that was the reason for the Flag halter top. They would be back on t he next Federal Holiday. I gave the guy $40 to help with the cost of the room. After that she walked out of the bathroom, totally naked and climbed onto the bed. I quickly stripped, crawled between her spread legs and started licking. She was in high gear and her moans were soft and sensuous. After awhile, she sat up, moved around, pushed me back and began to suck on my cock. She worked me over good. I noticed her man had now stripped and he was watching intently while jacking his cock. She eventually swung her legs around and sat on me, grabbing hold of my cock and easing it into her pussy an inch at a time until I was fully buried within her. She then rode me, bending forward to lightly rub her nipples across my chest with each rocking motion. She probably sensed me about to cum, so she stopped to change positions...she didn't want a few strokes and done. We used several positions and fucked for about half an hour until there was nothing that was going to stop me from cumming inside her. When all was done, we chatted a little before I left to go back to the theater (you pay for 12 hours or so and can come and go). Twenty minutes later, the same couple walks back into the theater. They were looking for another man.

I ran into the couple again on Memorial day weekend and we again fucked in their motel room. Saw them again for the 4th of July holiday, but this time I opted out.

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