Inter-racial twist  

spwildbill77 62M  
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7/30/2017 3:15 pm
Inter-racial twist

Another experience at what used to be AVC in Tampa before it became Fantasyland II... This would have been maybe 12 years ago... I had an interesting twist of events.

Sometimes I just drive by this place because it is small and without a lot of cars, the picking might seem slim. But, I went in to check out the scene and sure enough, nothing but guys. No more than ten minutes later, this black couple comes in. They were very clean cut and stylish. She was striking in her thinness yet well developed body. He was a rather large man, at least 6-6 and wearing a nice suit. They just seemed out of place compared to what one usually finds at an adult theater. Well, no one bothered them as they sat on a couch and watched the movie, but I watched from the corner of my eye out of curiosity. Soon, she slumped down on the couch and spread her legs, hiked her cocktail dress up to her waist and began massaging her pussy. The only other black guy in the place made an advancement, but he was brushed away. Ok, I figured, they are here to show off and not to play but it was turning in to quite the show. We all watched from a polite distance as this chick fingered herself and moaned and groaned and humped her hips into the air. When I noticed the man was looking my way. He noticed that I had been watching intently. He motioned me over. I quietly walked over to him and bent down to hear what he wanted to say. He handed me a condom, and asked if I wanted some of that, pointing to her. Now that was not expected. It doesn't normally happen that way. But I dropped my pants, put on the condom, climbed between her legs and inched closer. She had long ago removed her panties, was using her fingers to spread her pussy lips wide and she seemed very very wet. I just adjusted my position and stuck it in. She was tight and very active in her body movements and I am almost embarrassed to say I lasted only a few minutes. But they were a damn sweet few minutes. When I was done, I backed off to watch him offer her to another guy. It was just as exciting to watch. I then left, not knowing if she did the whole room, or just us two.

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