technical help  

stacey201 40F
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5/22/2017 5:29 am
technical help

Hi guys i want to cam but am on the verge of giving up. My cam constantly crashes and kicks me out. Its not my pop ups as i have checked. Any help would be appreciated by this horny minx. ; )

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5/22/2017 5:38 am

some times its due the the number of people watching you and cam spamming you, other times its the system its self this site is so full of bugs and glitches, best thing to do is make sure your drivers are up to date for your cam and that your cam is installed correctley , clear your cache and do a clean of your computer , de frag it etc as it may help but as i said most of the times its just bugs.glitches and the number of people watch you.

this may or maybe not help

~PS do you live up too your tag horny minx or is that some thing i'd have to find out lol

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