For the ladies who have been miss treated  

starrboo 48F  
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7/19/2017 1:42 am
For the ladies who have been miss treated

You talk a good game. We finally meet and you are talking shit. Talking about how you can please a woman and how you expect to be pleased by a woman. I laugh at you and it make you a little mad. You tell me to stop laughing at you. You think you are running this show and I laugh again. You don’t understand what I am laughing at but you will.
I made a decision when you started talking about how you expect to be please by a woman. I have never before played on the first meet but I decided to go ahead. I want to find out how much you can take. I didn’t know why I had the idea to bring my toy box but I did. I am glad I did because I am getting ready to have some fun with your ass
I tell you let’s get a room. You were like all I knew you would want this big cock. I knew you were not going to be able to resist me I was like dude let’s just get the damn room. I told him I would pay half of the room. He was like ok great but it going to have to be in your name. Wait you supposed to be single what the fuck, but that’s ok I can do that we got room. He didn’t offer to carry anything in room or anything I am like cool.
We get in room and before door was close completely he was already naked. He was semi hard. With may be a 5 in cock talking about how big he was I kind of snickered. He made it seem like he had 9 in or more.
I told him you going to have to take a shower. As he is in shower I take out my toys. I put my handcuffs up at the head board and shackles at the feet I waited for him to come in the room.
He came in and asked oh you want to get freaky? I said yes lay down I want to give you everything you want and deserve. He lay down and I put everything on him. Then I reached in my toy box and grabbed a cock cage and I put it on him. What’s that I told him well how am I going to get hard and cum. I told him you won’t. That’s the point. See today is not about you getting pleased its about me pleasing me. And I shoved a gag in his mouth so he could not yell.
As he started to protest the gag I put it in his mouth so he couldn’t say a word. So there he is this man who thinks he’s god gift to women with his so called 9 in cock spread eagle on the bed in a motel room with a woman he don’t know. What to do with him. What shall we do? I grab my flogger and I start by flogging him he is squirming I flog is balls and his nipples. He is not really liking this but I am to the point that I don’t really care I am enjoying myself so much that I am wet as hell and can feel the wetness running down my legs. I decide that I should let him have some fun so I take the gag out and he started to protest on what I was doing to him. I stopped that by putting my pussy in his face. I am riding his face and he is using that tongue I can feel his tongue spreading my pussy lips and flicking my clit. He is sucking on my clit I almost lose control I am riding his face moving with every stroke of his tongue. I am getting closer and closer to cuming. He finally puts his tongue in my pussy and I push my pussy further into his face and make his tongue go deeper into my pussy. I cum as his tongue goes as deep as I can get it. He has no choice but to swallow my cum. I ride his face a few more minutes to make sure he has swallowed all my cum.
I get up and I go shower and I come back to the bed where he is still tied up and waiting. He says ok now you going to untie me so I can fuck that fat ass of yours. I laughed at him again. I said no baby now I am going to fuck your ass. You talked about a 9 in cock you want to see what 9 in actually looks like? His eyes got wide as I pulled out my strap on and showed him a 9 in cock that was about the size of my fist. What are you going to do with that he asked? I said well first off I am going to show you how it feels to get fucked in the ass. Then I am going to show you how to give a woman some respect when talking to them.
He looked at me wide eyed like a deer caught in headlights. I looked at his ass hole and said oh hell you have been fucked before this little old 9in cock won’t hurt much. And I laughed at him again. At this point he is feeling like he’s about 2 in tall. And then I started lubing his ass and noticed his cock trying to get hard in the cock cage. Can you take the cage off please he said. Oh now it’s please, I said, No I can’t take it off it is going to stay on until I am done having my way with you. Aint , this what you wanted to get fucked. You said you wanted to fuck you are getting fucked. Oh this isn’t what you meant is it. Well I guess you will be more careful on how you talk to a woman next time won’t you.
I just barely put the tip of the strap on his ass and his ass opens and almost sucks the strap on in his ass. I start fucking him and I can see his cock straining against the cage. I continue to fuck him and he is so into it he forgot that I am punishing him. So I stop I get up and go shower again. As I do he is just lying there waiting again. I come back into the room and I take the cage off his cock and his cock gets hard thinking he is getting ready to get some pussy. I take the hand cuffs off and the shackles off and tell him to go shower again. As he is showering I am putting my toys back in my toy box and I leave. I am gone by the time he gets done in the shower.
He calls me and asked where I went I said you said you wanted to get fucked. I fucked you thank you for the notch on my bedpost. Don’t call me I will call you.
Now the moral to this story if you haven’t figured it out start having some respect for the women you are trying to hook up with you never know what she might be bringing to the table, And what out for the woman with a toy box.

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warlok633 43M
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8/21/2017 10:18 pm

Interesting story. It is really a good lesson in what can happen when you don't respect people..

Bowtieusa1 60M  
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7/27/2017 7:40 pm

Just some more Sexy Writing.... I get so Hard reading your stories.... I want to meet you soon to see who is writing these sexy Stories and making me so Horny.... LOL

bigblackman21221 48M  
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7/23/2017 9:01 pm


Watch out for the toy box. Got it!

rmTurboDET 42M

7/23/2017 1:52 pm

That's just awesome!

My take as a straight male Switch is this:

(1) A guy who hasn't had a dildo of equal or greater size in his ass -- especially if he isn't willing to take one from his play partner -- has no business offering to "top" a lady anally. I'm a "turnabout is fair play" sort of guy, so I'm pretty up front on this point if a potential partner and I are discussing any prospects of potential anal play. With most partners I've ever penetrated anally, it didn't happen until a later session, after we'd already had vaginal intercourse and oral sex with hand-held dildos inside each other's asses. Never let anyone "top" you if they haven't been "topped" themselves or you haven't seen them take a dildo in the ass.

(2) Personally, I love the scent and taste of hot pussy all over my face, gushing and squirting into my mouth, and I love to taste and swallow every drop of a lady's hot vaginal nectar. Hell, I've actually cum just from eating pussy at times! But in keeping with the main principle about reciprocating, if a lady's going to take my semen in her mouth -- and especially if she's going to swallow it -- she deserves to know for certain that I know from experience exactly what she's tasting and feeling. So yes, I want to snowball with her, and yes, I'm swallowing too! A guy who has never tasted and swallowed his own semen before doesn't have a leg to stand on if he expects a partner to do this. A guy who won't taste his own load doesn't deserve to cum in a lady's mouth, and if he's never swallowed his own load, then why should he expect anyone else to?

pocogato12 66F  
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7/19/2017 11:29 am

This is just PRICELESS!!! Thanks for a cool perspective on respect and manners

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