for my soldier boi  

starrboo 49F  
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4/3/2017 8:26 pm
for my soldier boi

How. I wish you were already home I could be laying down in your arms right now snuggling in to watch a movie. While watching movie my hand slides down your chest in to you lap. I start stroking your cock nice and slow not squeezing but just every now and then. You start to get hard and your hand moves to my breast and squeezes my nipples, I moan. With the moan I get wet and you know it. Your cock responds to the moan by Getting rock hard. I slide down between your legs and start sucking your hard cock. I take it all the way down my throat and let it set while suckling on it. I come back up for air and then back down you moan and say oh baby and my pussy starts jumping wanting your hard cock inside of her. I suck on your cock for five to ten more min just to make sure you got a good sucking the whole time your moaning and wanting to put that cock deep inside my pussy. I finally stop I sit back next to you for about five min acting like that didnt just happen then I get up And go get you a fresh cold beer I hand it to you I give you a deep passionate kiss and I sit on your hard cock and I moan and you cock jumps as it goes into me. I ride you gently like riding a and the start riding harder and harder until I cum and your cock and thighs are sloppy wet with my cum. As I keep riding you get closer and closer to cuming . Just before you cum I stop and bend down in front of you again and start licking up my cum off your body your getting harder and throbbing you want to cum so bad that you are not sure you can hold out much longer I take your hard cock back in my mouth I go down on you all the way once, twice, and three times you try to stop me but cant while you are I my throat you cum I swallow every drop as I have no choice I come back up. I look at you with out a word I go get a wash cloth clean you up and myself get you another beer and sit back down to finish watch the movie

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nacona100000 77M

6/5/2017 3:26 pm

One of the best if not the best sexy, sensual Blogs on this site...........makes one want to meet this woman.............Tommy

n2Lbbw 38M
6 posts
5/25/2017 5:43 pm

mmmhmmm love it

scullen0831 62M  
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4/17/2017 6:36 pm

Nice work. I may have to take up beer drinking now. You riding me would be so hot.

ash1961 44M
64 posts
4/10/2017 3:52 am

Where are you girl....I want to watch a movie with you and drink all of your hot n sticky cum instead of a cold beer....

fun4allnbcs 44M/40F
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4/8/2017 10:21 am

That was a great story. Got me hard right away. Makes me wanna start drinking beer.

valdezvicvic 61M
998 posts
4/3/2017 10:03 pm

Oh yea baby, do you know that you can prolong that by pressing up with 3 fingers behind his balls?

Dallbigscott 37M
5 posts
4/3/2017 9:29 pm

So fucking hot marry me please... LOL

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